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Guard Security Agency
KN 1567. Kaneshie-Accra, Accra, Ghana
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Guard Security Agency Limited is the industries leading provider of risk management
services and solutions for organizations throughout the Ghana and West Africa. GSA
offers national and global organizations a vast selection of reliable risk management
services and solutions, including: Investigations; Protective Services; Crisis
Management & Emergency Services; Employment Screening; Security Management
& Consulting; Intelligence & Information Services; and Brand Protection &
Intellectual Property.
Our goal is to provide comprehensive risk protection for our clients and their
valuable assets. But as society gets more complex, so does our job. To be able to
meet the increasing security demands, we have chosen to concentrate exclusively on
risk management. That means we can dig deeper, understand more, and do our job
Guard Security Agency limited is always available to discuss and analyse your
security problems. We will carry out full security audits to identify the strengths and
weaknesses in your premises and advice on adequate security arrangements that we
feel are appropriate for your needs.
Here at GSA, we fully appreciate that when you are selecting a risk management
partner, you need complete confidence that the chosen company will not only
match your requirements but also maintain the highest service levels. This is why we
place such importance on building close relationships with our clients in order to
carry out comprehensive needs assessment from each venue.
Our customers tell us that; Guard Security Agency has a quality‐based, resultsoriented
approach that continues to set us apart from the competition. What's at
the core of our success? It's a blend of quality people, industry‐leading training, and
dedication to customer service. All of these are supported and facilitated by the
state‐of‐the‐art technology, as well as a local management presence. Does this
sound like the kind of approach you're looking for?
With employees and offices around the world, Guard Security Agency has the
resources to provide reliable and scalable protection for clients and their assets
around the globe.

The agency is committed to making life secure through finding and sustaining all new
heights in and our central concept of cultural excellence. It’s something that we
intend to constantly and continuously re‐prove to our Customers, and the
communities, and institutions that we serve, work alongside with, and indeed,
cooperate with.

Our vision is to become the best in the field of private security services in Ghana and
across Africa that uses a unique formula of service and technology to achieve our
mission of delivering excellence.

Growth – Encourage individual, team and organizational growth.
Responsibility– Honor our service commitment to customers, employees and the
Empowerment – Offer development programs that enable employees to do their
jobs with skill and confidence.
Achievement – Reward and recognize service excellence, team success and
individual achievement.
Trust– Build trust, respect and integrity in every relationship and interaction.
Performance and service quality within the security services industry. The
commitment is our pledge,
Clients— they are the key figures of our business. Maximal satisfaction of Clients’
needs and expectations, Clients’ tranquility is priority criteria evaluating quality of
our work.
Relations— long‐term and mutually beneficial relations with clients, business
partners and employees based on mutual trust.
Employees— they are the main assets of our Company. A group of professionals in
their various fields of expertise providing and execution of contractual obligations,
development and application of new technologies.
Traditions— include the principles, standards, and customs of corporate culture, which are formed over years. The Company employees carefully keep our traditions,
which have let us succeed.

You can trust that your business and personal matters will be handled with
professionalism, integrity, and the utmost discretion. The end result will be accurate,
on time, great results and above all utmost satisfaction.
Orientations on Clients — in execution of contractual obligations the Company
employees are guided by the rule that interests of Clients have priority over interests
of other persons. Company Client can be sure that our specialists will treat his
problem in accordance with high quality standards of services. High quality
standards are traditional in our Company as traditional as individual approach to
each Client. Every Client of the GSA Company can be sure that our specialists will
treat his problem in accordance with high level of services which is traditional for
GSA Company and taking into account individuality of each Client.
Professional and conscientious — GSA Company employees have all the necessary
qualifications, professional knowledge, experience and moral‐ethical qualities
needed for effective cooperation with Company Clients, partners and colleagues.
Economic effectiveness — the Company strives to achieve maximal results by
optimally using human, technical and financial resources.

Offering a full range of risk mitigating solutions, Guard Security Agency provides
the trusted expertise you seek to protect every facet of your company.
A Comprehensive Array of Fully Customizable Risk Solutions
Whether your challenges come from disgruntled employees, aggressive competitors
or impact world events, you have questions: How will this affect my company? What
should we be doing to protect ourselves? How do we mitigate risk in the future?
Guard Security Agency delivers the solutions you want and the trusted expertise you

Guard Security Agency made its name in conducting complex investigations for our
clients. We continue to provide complete investigative services for clients across the
globe to solve problems as wide‐ranging as theft, fraud, internal and external
corruption, drug use in the workplace, embezzlement, conflict of interest, kickbacks
and other issues impacting the work environment and the bottom line.
 Physical Surveillance
 Undercover Operations
 Due Diligence
 Internal/External Corruption (embezzlement, conflict of interest, kickbacks)
 Professional Interviewing
 Forensic Accounting
 Cyber Investigations
 Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) or “de‐bugging”

Guard Security Agency agents provide protection for corporate leaders and their
workforce, famous entertainers, athletes, royal families and diplomats. Our highlytrained
professionals leverage our team’s advance preparations and planning, timely
and relevant sourcing of information and coordination with local authorities to
deliver superior executive/personnel protection.
 Executive Protection
 Executive Drivers
 Protective Escorts
 VIP Security
 Asset Protection

Experienced, highly‐trained, Guard Security Agency on‐the‐ground personnel
provide crisis management and emergency response services for executives,
employees and more.
 Emergency Response Services
 Workplace Violence (WPV)
 High Risk Terminations
 Armed Response Protection
 Natural Disaster Response
 Business Continuity
 Security Threat Assessments
 Travel Protection Security
 Event Management
 Workforce Disruption Security (labour strikes, protests, etc.)

No matter the time, no matter the place, Guard Security Agency can bring its
powerful safety and security resources to bear to protect your assets and
operations. Our experts work worldwide to help ensure clients get seamless
protection, from the farthest flung ports to the office of the CEO.
 Special event services
 Supply Chain/Logistics Security‐TPAT Assistance
 Risk Consulting
 Comprehensive Risk Assessments (physical, holistic, IT)
 Workplace Compliance
 Education &Training Safety Audits
 Security Training
 Enterprise Risk Management
 Security Design
 Safety Management
 Security Management

Guard Security Agency is a recognized global leader in background and screening
services, delivering fully‐customizable, single‐source solutions backed by world‐class
client support. Our flexible, cutting edge system streamlines your hiring process
through our secure, web‐based ordering and delivery tools. We also offer
compliance support and resources, and industry‐specific screening solutions to
maximize efficiency, cost, and hiring turnaround times.
 Background Checks
 Fingerprinting
 Drug Testing
 Assessments
 Electronic I‐9
 Hiring Management System
Situational Awareness Solutions
Whether you are protecting multinational operations, evaluating potential overseas
investments, or managing corporate travel programs, your ability to know what is
happening in proximity to your concerns will determine your ability to respond
swiftly and appropriately. With near real‐time reporting and alerts, the GRG tracks
rapidly changing world events to keep you apprised of developments that could
impact the safety and security of your assets and operations.
 Daily Intelligence Briefings
 Targeted‐location Intelligence Reports
 Alerting to critical events 24/7
76 Mukose Street, POINT4 (AGYA PA YE) Mobile: 0244078962, 0277837912
North Kaneshie ‐Accra E‐mail:
P.O.Box KN 1567. Kaneshie-Accra. Ghana
 Dedicated or On‐Demand Analyst Solutions provide customized business
intelligence support
 Risk Monitoring Dashboards and Fusion Center Design and Management giving
you a competitive advantage
 The Guard Security Agency Global Network provides you access to our worldwide
connections, business intelligence and assets

Protect your brand and intellectual property with a comprehensive suite of Guard
Security Agency services and solutions.
 Vendor licensee qualification
 Counterfeiting/piracy
 Trademark infringement
 Cyber surveillance
 Litigation support

GSA approaches corporate risk management in a uniquely holistic way. We provide
services and solutions that are designed to address the different risk areas of a
business and its operation, both inside and outside of the company.
We have broken down the multitude of risks every organization faces and identified
four main categories of risk factors that impact a company’s value:
 Operational & Physical Risk: What factors could impact your business
 Technology & Informational Risk: Are the proper controls in place to fully
protect your bottom line?
 Hazard & Event Risk: How resilient is your firm during and after a serious
 Market & Economic Risk: How secure is your corporate strategy from outside
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Company manager
Alexander Brown
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Monday: 8.00am-5.00pm
Tuesday: 8.00am-5.00pm
Wednesday: 8.00am-5.00pm
Thursday: 8.00am-5.00pm
Friday: 8.00am-5.00pm
Saturday: 8.00am-5.00pm
Sunday: 1.00pm-7.00pm
PRE-EMPLOYMENT BACKGROUND SCREENING Background checks deliver valuable insights that lead to smarter, more informed decisions and greater security for consumers, businesses and government agencies. ...
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