Best ways to save money on your travels

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Best ways to save money on your travels

Traveling the world is amazing, but it doesn’t come cheap. That’s why you need to have a plan. There are many tips that can help you save money and stress while traveling - we’ve gathered some of the best ones for this article. Let’s dive in.

Monitor live currency rates

When traveling the world, you will quickly realize that your local currency is rarely accepted everywhere, which means that you will usually be using a different currency when you visit a new country. Therefore, your money needs to be converted into the currency used in the country you’re visiting. Exchange rates in the global currency market, where trillions are traded every day, determine exactly how much holiday money you can get from your home currency. These rates fluctuate, so you should check the current prices via financial websites or currency converter apps. If you use money exchanges in the airport, bear in mind their rates are often expensive. Try checking out banks or local kiosks to compare costs and find a better deal.

Choose destinations with a low average cost per day

Traveling to expensive destinations makes it harder - if not impossible - to save money while traveling. Even if you find a cheap flight, the daily cost of living in the visited country could be prohibitive. That’s why you should pick countries that aren’t necessarily popular tourist destinations, but that are cheap to visit - and there are many places that are easier on the wallet, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Bolivia, and India.

Travel in the off-seasons

You should definitely consider traveling in the off-season if you’re flexible on your travel dates and want to save some money. Accommodation and transport are indeed usually cheaper during off-season. But money isn’t the only criteria to consider here. Traveling outside touristy peaks also allows you to enjoy the country you visit, with shorter lines and fewer crowds. You will also be able to have a more local and authentic experience.

Sign up for travel-related newsletters and sales alerts

Deals, fare and sale alerts, as well as newsletters from low-cost airlines, flight comparison sites, booking platforms, and deal-finding platforms, are all great tools for saving money and getting inspired about destinations to visit. Sign up to be aware of promotions you can use to reduce your overall travel budget.

Eat like locals

Food can be expensive when you travel, especially if you’re sticking to western food. You should rather immerse yourself in the culture by eating the way locals do. In addition to helping you get a feel for a new country you visit and giving you new opportunities to connect with locals and make friends, eating like them will usually help you save money.

Look out for free activities

In every country, it is possible to find things you can do for free - and I’m not talking about walking around a city and its parks. You just need to do a little research to see what activities are available at no cost. Sometimes museums will have free entry at a specific time of the week or the month.

Final word

Consider this list as a starting point to create a plan to save money while traveling in order to make the most of your travels without blowing out your budget but know that there are many more money tips for traveling you could take advantage of!


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