Biztech: The App Developers Making Business Registration Easy With Technology

BusinessComments08 Apr, 2021
Biztech: The App Developers Making Business Registration Easy With Technology

Business registration in Ghana can be a burdensome process. If you wanted to register a new business, you would have to line up in long queues for long hours to fill registration forms. However, technology has helped to change how humans perform various activities dramatically. For example, punters can place their wagers on the go using the Betway app, eliminating the need to visit a land-based casino. A company in Ghana has come up with a mobile application solution to the business registration issue.

The firm developed an app named BizAccess, which helps you to do the business registration process on their mobile devices. Users can also access annual return forms and do other operational activities more efficiently.

The General Manager of BizAccess Consult Limited, Samuel Ofosu Ampadu, provided more details about the app. He claimed that the new app would help various entities to register their business and get their registration certificate within ten days.

The GM also claimed that their motivation was to eliminate the long queues at the Registrar General’s Department. The developers also wanted to reduce the time the entities would have to wait for their business to be registered.

The Ghana-based tech business runs a robust online platform that helps companies and businesses in Ghana take care of Regulatory Compliance. Apart from business registration, their platform can also help you register a business name in Ghana. It also helps users to register TIN Numbers and fill PAYE, VAT, and SSNIT RETURNS.

Even though the company offers online services, it also helps users with several offline services. For instance, it helps in trademark registration, GIPC licensing, or registration, among other services.

Business name registration, Company registration, TIN Registration and PAYE, VAT, and SSNIT returns filing are all regulated by the Registrar General’s department, RGD (office of the Registrar of companies), and Ghana Revenue Authority.

The RGD is the only regulator in Ghana that is mandated to register business names, register companies, partnerships, marriages, and IP rights. On the other hand, the GRA regulates taxes. All registered companies have an obligation to file their returns monthly and annually.

BizAccess uses the up-to-date GRA Schedule to calculate your PAYE and SSNIT. The app’s dual PAYE Tax and SSNIT Calculator computes your income tax based on your salary and SSNIT contribution. The app also helps you to conveniently file your monthly PAYE, VAT, and SSNIT returns at the comfort of your home the same way you place wagers on the Betway app.

All Ghanaian taxpayers and potential taxpayers must have a Tax Identification Number (TIN) number. The TIN is free, and you must have one to pay your taxes. The TIN is essential when registering your business, opening a bank account, vehicle registration, land registration, and driver’s license application. Therefore, it is crucial to have a TIN if you want to do any meaningful business in Ghana.

BizAccess is a welcome digital solution to help businesses set up their operations and meet regulatory compliance. Individuals that want to register their businesses or file tax returns can now do it at the comfort of their couch.


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