NSS Ghana Posting Checker 2018-2019

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NSS Ghana Posting Checker 2018-2019

The NSS Ghana posting checker helps graduates in Ghana to find out where they will be doing the National Service Scheme. With the NSS pin number, graduates can check where they have been posted by accessing the information online. The National Service Scheme program helps graduates to get the relevant work experience and prepare them for their job search after completing studies. It boosts their classroom knowledge and makes them compete favourably in the Ghanaian job market. 

Graduates are therefore advised to cultivate interest in the program and use the NSS Ghana posting checker to find details of their posting without much hassle. This is the place where graduates get the right contacts to help them boost their career network, which is important for their success. Those who keep good relationships ultimately get employed by the organizations where they conducted their National Service Scheme. 


Why Check Your NSS Posting Details?

To avoid last-minute rushes, it is prudent for graduates to use the NSS posting checker to get details of their posting early enough. Late arrival to the organizations where they have been posted my send a bad impression. One can avoid arriving late by making use of this NSS posting checker. More than that, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the organization’s aspirations and culture of doing things. Such information when accessed early in advance sets one on the right footing for their oncoming service. Again, all necessary approvals will be made in good time to make you fully compliant with the program. 

Ghana NSS Posting Checking 2018

Now that you have known how important it is to do your NSS posting checking, here is how to proceed with the process of doing so: 

Register with the NSS Website 

Visit the NSS website to get started with the process. This is where you will be required to provide your identification information. Most importantly, you will be required to register, confirm your allowance and get your pin code. You will also be able to find your posting from here!

Type in your NSS number 

This is a unique 12-digit number that starts with NSS and helps a person to identify themselves and also facilitate some important transactions as would be required for work-related matters.  Type it in the blank space provided. School index numbers will be needed to obtain an NSS number if you don’t have it. 

NSS Ghana Posting Checker 2018-2019

Submit your Details 

Click on “Submit” once you have keyed in your NSS number. After that, browse to find your posting. When making your application note that the NSS PIN and NSS number means the same thing. For the enrolment to be successful, it should be done within the provided timeline. 

Get Posting Details 

Click on “Show Posting Letter” to get a display of your posting letter. This is an important document that you will need prior to the admission into your organization of posting. Verify every detail in this letter especially on your personal data to make sure it is correct. 

Get two Copies of your Posting Information 

The National Service Scheme requires graduates to get hard copies where one is for submission to the Regional Director within the area of posting for endorsement and facilitation of the assignment. The other copy is for the organization where you will be engaged. It is also advisable to file copies of the same information for any contingencies.

Final Thoughts 

The National Service Scheme comes with a lot of benefits. Therefore, it is important to take it seriously and make use of the NSS Ghana posting checker to help you prepare in good time. This will send a good image about you and boost your work experience and network. 

NSS Ghana Posting Checker 2018-2019


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