Top 5 Trends for 2020 in the Betting Industry

The gambling industry has evolved over the past decades. Technological advancements have brought most of these changes. For example, in-casinos were first established in 2019. The industry is expected to witness tremendous growth this year. Popular bookies like Betway might adopt new technologies to improve their customer experience. In this post, we highlight 5 trends you need to look out for in gambling this year.

Online Betting in Ghana

Ghana is one of several African countries where the betting industry is thriving. Due to the growing interest in sports from Ghanaians, as well as attractive government policies on betting, it is projected that the industry is only destined for even bigger growth.

Top 10 Players in Ghanaian Football History

As a footballing nation, Ghana is a country that has produced several football legends who thrived in the continental and international scale. These ten Ghanaian players have excelled in the game and made waves worldwide, with their exploits bestowing them their legendary status.