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The lottery equipment used is a computerized one which has similar behavior in pattern play when a number fall in position in a box. These positions 1st Box 2nd Box 3rd Box 4th Box 5th Box This applies to both winning number and machine number, due to my study in patterns of the lotto machine when two or more numbers are played seen in a position in another lottery paper chart or database;

there is always a 75% chance of finding the upcoming number around the last line of position. manually by checking about 50 different types lottos organized by different lottery companies e.g. African lotto , Sunday special , Monday special , Mid week, Saturday National and so on…. Just to find numbers of the last draw in position of another lotto chart or database to forecast for the next game. A minimum matches of two or more are needed to forecast when looking for position numbers in other lottery past draws.


Lucky Tuesday

14/04/20 Lucky Tuesday Lotto Results
wining: 21-85-60-36-16

21/04/20 Lucky Tuesday Lotto Results




Predictions For Lucky Tuesday 22/01/19
Prediction #1: ((13))-((33))-*17*-38-21$
Prediction #2: ((69))-((45))-82-64-32
Prediction #3: 8-27-((11))-48-*47*

Machine #3: ((44))-66-((29))-3-34
Machine #2: 89-((*22*))-$16-90-((7))
Machine #1: ((52))-((86))-37-57-67

dont share my secret..

Can i get today's tips for midweek ?

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