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Unimpressed Parent
I am not impressed with Rosharon Montessori School and will hesitate advising any parent to be careful before considering to enrol a kid in the school. I recently took my ward from the pre-school. My experiences and expectations were just disappointing. I would like to share a few.

1.The fun and the play is just too much.
2.The teachers and authority are selective. The same kids are always doing everything everytime. Same familiar family names.
3.Teachers vent their frustrations by beating kids innocently
4. Homeworks are always repetitions and full of errors and ambiguities, a vehicle and tool for lazy teaching and supervision. Homeworks are just downloads from the internets.
5. Teachers are sometimes confused and mark exams and homeworks wrongly making mistakes themselves. Wow !
6. The school's orientations is money, money, money, pay,pay,pay but takes little or no interest in developing each kids. I am very much aware they are teaching kids but don't know or understand the children composition.
7. The pretence on teachers and authorities faces and their attitudes is just worrying.
8. It's very difficult for one to tell what moral and religious values the school stands for.
9. Arrogance, haughtiness and insubordination among kids and students is interpreted or misrepresented as smartness by the school
10. School authorities and teachers are not bother about welfare of kids. To call and check on kids during absenteeism is a not not. Preference are given to some selected kids.
11. For kids to win the affection, favour and attention of their teacher is for the highest bidder.
12. I don't think school authorities critically listen to parent. There's a disconnect, brushing off issues or postponement of critical needs of kids.
13. Admission and enrolment is wholesale, as if what authorities cares about is just money and ability to pay.

I guess these observations if gladly taken and worked on will help the school and reduce student turnover.
Rosharon is the most outstanding school in Tema.Wisdom is Supreme.
Rosharon Montessori School, is known to be one of the most renowned schools in our country Ghana.The scholl is recommend as the best school in Tema, and even greater Accra as a whole. Parents, Guardians and Teacher when it comes in selecting scholls for your wards in other to attain academic excellence,select 1st Rosharon Montessori School,Where wisdom is Supreme.
rosharon is a school of excellence. it is surely the best. in remain disciplined students. and above best teachers in ghana if you are going. to choose a school in tema choose. rosharon where wisdom is supreme

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