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Stephen Soutier
3 Dec, 2019
I am looking for Betty Hill she said she is being heald there.
I tried to call to get this information buy would not go through.
Please Email me back TY.
Domingo A Torres
14 Jan, 2018
Is there a hospital in Tamale Ghana, called NACA Scientific Hospital? If there is, what street is located on?
Jane Moore
10 Jan, 2018
I have been talking to a person there his name is George car let I have been sending him money but i think he is scamming me i send the money to issah Adam he lives on lamashera in tamale issah is suppose to be a diplomat and George is suppose to be staying in a motel they have taken a lot of money from me please help me
james mccloskey
27 Dec, 2016
Theres a young lady in tamale that i send money to. her mom n pop died she said. n she has his gold to sell. she sold it and now she said the seller of the gold, her lawyer took all the 6.4 milliom.
woody elms
30 Sep, 2016
Do you have a sherry adams in the lamasheru distrist police station
Michael Tucker
5 Jan, 2016
Want to file a police report of fraud\?
Phillip Teagarden
2 Jan, 2016
I have a young lady from Tamale that wants to come to the U.S. to meet me and wants me to send her some money. She only provided me with a P.O. Box number. I'm very suspicious. What do yo recommend for me to do?
jeffrey bogue
21 Aug, 2015
What can I do about a scammer that lives in tamale she took me for a couple thousand dollars?
Answer by Domingo A Torres
14 Jan, 2018
Go to the CID in Accra and file a complaint with their complaint form or ask them to send you one. They will accept the complaint unless it in that form. Briefly explain what happened. I got taken for 29,000 dollars and I went to Ghana to file my complaint with CID that Criminal Internet or investigation department.

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