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Useless Business Operation
I bought techno pouvoir 3 air and within a week the phone keeps freezing. I want it replaced with a different one where I can add some money to claim different one, else I will sue you to the courts.
I need a refund of my money
I bought an Asano tv from the Techiman branch and in less than a month time it was not working so I called them and they let me take it back to them, saying that they were going to change it for me and for about 5 months now when I call they say it is not ready and they do not also want to pay my money back to me and even they don't answer my call again.So plz I want my money back.
Reply by Smart
18 Jan, 2020
Involve the police. Simple
23 Jan, 2020
Well, if I were you I'll take the business to claim court to avoid confrontation with them, the Law will favor you, rest asure.
Poor service ever
I came to the Adum branch to redraw money and the lady calculated the money with a different value of pound. So I told her to explain to me why the money was reduced and she got angry and insulted me and didn’t give me the money telling me to come for the money on Monday.
I came there on 14th September 2019 at 11 00 am and I waited till 1:45pm and she claims that she will close at 2pm
You need to give her proper training
Because this is not done in London where I came from
She’s totally unprofessional and disrespectful.
Customer service
Customer service very poor, online purchases not properly managed, customer service agents are not up to task. Highly disappointed in Franko
I need a refund of my money.
I bought a techno x phone from tema branch February 2019 and in less than a month the screen went off, up till now I don't have a replacement and it seems nothing is been that. I have sent my wife twice to techno head office and still nothing, I was told they don't have the screen to replace, later they told me my wife was told to add up to take a higher phone(which was a lie), now they are tell me my warranty has expired which is also a bid lie so ask your people if I should find time from work and come there myself all your customers will who you people really are OK. You can't continue to decieve the public like that OK. I need my final by the end of Wednesday ok
Highly Recommended! Best Service, Trustful!
Reply by Kojo Ansah
28 Jul, 2018
That's a lie. These are crooks. If you buy phone from them, there is no warranty. At times, they will ask you to go to the manufacturer to fix your brand new phone. I had a bad experience with them and I had to get the police involve before they could refund me.