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Wayoe Erasmus
27 Apr, 2020
Do you offer Networking or software development in your institution.
3 Apr, 2020
Please I have completed senior high school but unfortunately I failed one core paper,so am I qualified in your Institute?..
Billa Doog-lah
14 Mar, 2020
What is the current cost for the Admission, hostel and other fees if any.
Also, what is the admission requirements for Mature Applicants.
Raymond Arthur
12 Jan, 2020
Please can l register for WASSCE remedial in January.
3 Jan, 2020
Please why is the cost for the course, and for the mature student what will be the requirement in case I want to apply for it.
Linda Boamah
23 Oct, 2019
Had bad grade in my wasce result but want to rewrite wasce or novdce and study advance caurse that's law. Want to know if it will be possible and the procedure to go through .
Fredrick Atsu
28 Sep, 2019
Please can you explain the Nov/Dec wassce registration a little bit for me.
13 Sep, 2019
Please in case your wassce certificate is missing can you also apply and get diploma
7 Sep, 2019
1.I have an E8 in one of my core subject,I'm I legible to apply?
2.Do you offer human resource management?
3.When is the deadline for application?
Josephine Boney
1 Sep, 2019
Please what's the fees for the courses
20 Aug, 2019
What type of I.T courses do u offer.
17 Aug, 2019
do you have six months diploma courses?
17 Aug, 2019
Hello how much will it cost me to do financial accounting for one year in order to get diploma.
7 Aug, 2019
How much is your fees?
A part from the courses listed, which courses again do you offer.
Also does that has completed S.h.s bh for some reasons has no certificate can they apply to lister,thank you.
Aryee Josephine
5 Jul, 2019
Is lister professional institute accredited by the Ghana accreditation board?
Mamadou sow
26 Jun, 2019
Hello how much will it cost me to do management for one year in order to get diploma.
Joel Haruna
16 Mar, 2019
How much will it cost me to do hardware and networking,what's the meaning of workshop in the course list
Asare Bismark
11 Mar, 2019
Can I use the certificate from your school to apply for any university in Ghana
20 Oct, 2018
Is there any coarse like telecommunication in lister
Joseph Aidoo
12 Jun, 2018
Pls what is the fees for business administration
5 Apr, 2018
Please how much is the fees for DBS?
And for how many months can I enroll in that?
Edward Morison
14 Jan, 2018
Please how much is the fees for accounting program
Damfei Thomas
20 Oct, 2017
Programs in lister professional institute
Answer by Debrah Dorcas
5 Apr, 2019
Fees paid by students offering IT
Osei michael
20 Oct, 2017
How much is the fees for DBS?
Osei michael
20 Oct, 2017
Do u have one year diploma course, and after de course can u further to any university and also if ur wasse result is not good how will help de student to achieve his or dream?
16 Sep, 2017
Why are there no info on faculty, affiliation etc?
Where can my girl go from here?
What is the evidence and proof?
Please help us with answers.. .
22 Aug, 2017
Is LPI affiliated to UPS
Okyere James Adusei
20 Apr, 2016
How much is the fee for DBS

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