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Bernard Gyenyame
Please I want to know the rate percent of treasure bill and fixed deposit..
22 Sep, 2019
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Anachie christopher
Please am a member of unibank in Kumasi tafo but I had travel now to Europe and I wanted to continue the banken here how can I stat the process
13 Jun, 2019
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William Ashun
How can I use your banking services on my phone and when can I register for an ATM card?
Will it also take long in getting my card or I can get it within a few hours?
29 Jan, 2019
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Anisiba Francis
I want to be depositing money through my mobile money account and receive money with it but do not know how to do it.can you please activate it for me. And also I want to know if my account is really active.
21 Nov, 2018
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Sarah Badu Acquah
I am in Iraq and I want to know if I can buy shares
14 Jun, 2018
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Ismail Abdul Rasheed
Please I would like to know how I can transfer money from Saudi Arabia into my account in Ghana. I would also like you to notify me for me to know whether my account is still active or not. Because it's been very long I deposited money into my account. And I also don't receive notifications from you anymore as before.
21 Nov, 2017
Answer by JOSEPHINE , 11 Mar, 2018
Money can be transferred from one account to other unless terms and conditions are met. Will advice you to contact the branch manager or any service personnel present at where u opened your account.
Nestor Eschiros Dzimey
Who is the current ceo of unibank ghana. And if you said it's a Wholly owned Ghanaian bank, what does it mean?
Thank you.
24 Sep, 2017
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