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Emmanuel Appiah
8 May, 2020
Please I want to know the cost of Ghana to UK
Samuel Aboagye
17 Mar, 2020
Please I want to extend my ticket because of the Royal air moroc to Qatar how much will it cost me
Charlotte Asantewaa
1 Mar, 2020
Please I would like to know how much a German or Swiss Visa will cost.
Essel Richard
21 Feb, 2020
Please I want to travel to China, I had my Visa and I want to know whether there's a flight moving from Ghana to China because of the coronavirus
Agyapong Asomana
15 Feb, 2020
Please I want to travel to Turkey and I don't have any traveling documents will you help me to get that and how much will all costs me
Appiah Dankwah
14 Jan, 2020
Please I have completed tertiary and I have an invite to UK can you help me with with all the necessary documents
Appiah Dankwah
14 Jan, 2020
Please I would like to know if you can help someone to process his/her document if the person doesn't have anyone who will guarantee for him/her for UK visa
Emmanuel k. Boakye
29 Nov, 2019
My name is Emmanuel Kwame Boakye, I want to know if now you have a permit in any of this countries canada,norway,holland.Am a driver pls.And the cost.
maxwell osei antwi
19 Nov, 2019
Can your company help me travel to canada and work
1 Nov, 2019
Good afternoon, I’m a health worker & would like to travel & work in Canada or Norway. I have a Passport. Please can you tell me about the cost involved........
Cyril Amedor
8 Oct, 2019
I want to travel England (London) to continue my football career. I neither have passport nor visa how much is the cost.
Rhoda Birago
25 Sep, 2019
Please I want know the ticket price from Chile Santiago to Ghana
Tetteh Richmond
24 Sep, 2019
I don't have a visa nor passport but I want to go America and work there pls can u help me out and the cost involved pls I want it fast pls I'm ever ready
Sandra ofosuhene
9 Sep, 2019
My name is Sandra please I have a visa but no tickets how can I get a ticket and how much It cost to Dubai.
8 Sep, 2019
Dear sir or madam,l have passport but l want to know the cost involved tourism visa to Germany and other necessary documents needed in all. hopping for your cooperation. Thank you.
Philomena Grace Tiwaa
8 Sep, 2019
Am Philomena Grace Tiwaa,l want to know the price of Germany tourism visa and another necessary documents needed before l can acquire it,specially the price involved.thank you.
Hannah Nyarko
22 Aug, 2019
I want to get USA peppers how much will be the price
Ernest kwarteng
15 Aug, 2019
Dear sir/madam
Pls I want a study and working permit Visa to Canada
Mohammed Kwadwo
12 Aug, 2019
Can I get a visa and a working permit in Canada?
2 Aug, 2019
Please i need a working and resident permit visa in any of these countries LONDON , USA AND CANADA can u pls be of help? pls let me know the amount involved.
Boateng Emmanuel
28 Jul, 2019
Please what are the prices of tickets from Dubai to Ghana on the 11th of August
Derrick owusu Afriyie
18 Jul, 2019
How much can it take me to South Africa
1 Jul, 2019
How much does it cost to go to Germany
Helen Adomako Sekyere
20 Jun, 2019
Dear Sir/Madam
please i want a study permit visa to Canada
Answer by Kirk
27 Jul, 2019
Come live with me and your visa would be not a problem
Aaron Akohene
13 Jun, 2019
Hello Good Evening am sorry of how i constructed my sentence at first well Sir, Madam i will like to use your service but will wish to know how much its will cost me for applying the United State Visa and also a flight cost?
Aaron Akohene
13 Jun, 2019
Can i get a United State Visa ,And how much will i pay for that ?
Abubakar Malik
9 Jun, 2019
I need Visa to USA how much will it cost me?
Ezzat elsayed
6 Jun, 2019
Please can the agency help me get a working visa to america?
1 Jun, 2019
Please I want to know weather if somebody want to travel to Dubai and work there. How much is the cost.
michael oduro
29 May, 2019
Please,I need the cost invoved for Italy and Germany
28 Apr, 2019
Sir/Madam, I would like to use this your platform to ask about flight tickets for United Kingdom. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank You.
Emmanuel fynn
7 Apr, 2019
How much is Malta visa
Samuel barwuah
27 Mar, 2019
I want the price of a ticket to Dubai
Owusu Ansah
5 Mar, 2019
How much do it cost to get all documents done to travel to Ireland and is it straight plane to Ireland or transit?
4 Feb, 2019
Please I'm a student and would like to visit my sister at usa this vacation
I can't get invitation from her because of her documents
How can you people help me
I understand i need to get an introductory letter from and school and I've done that
I also have a passport
Ernest Ofori
6 Jan, 2019
I need Visa to Iceland or USA how much will it cost me?
Ernest Ofori
6 Jan, 2019
I need a working visa to Iceland/USA but I don't know anybody there how much will it cost me?
Gborgla Moses
15 Dec, 2018
How much and
is Dubai ticket and visa
Adu Boahen Sylvester
25 Nov, 2018
Good morning dear Sir/Madam. How much is the cost of traveling to Dubai or Qatar. I need feedback ASAP. Thanks.
Kevin Oduro Asamoah
21 Nov, 2018
I want to study in China wat will be the cost of the whole process
Hilda Adjei
3 Oct, 2018
Do you organize ILEITS classes? And how much does it cost?
Dorcas Boakyewaa
3 Oct, 2018
Please, where exactly in Kumasi can your agency be located. I would want to come to your office to make enquiries
Bella Asafo
20 Aug, 2018
Please let me know the total cost traveling from Ghana to USA(Verginia) I'm already having a passport.
Opoku Marfo
31 Jul, 2018
What is the cost of working visa to Dubai
Kwadwo Amponsah
29 May, 2018
What would be the cost for travelling to Dubai?
Alberta Acquah
28 Apr, 2018
How much is an airline ticket from Ghana to Abuja and booking time s
Don Blay
16 Nov, 2017
I have a friend in the UK I have known him online for more than 6 years and I want to visit him for summer school class. He really want me to come and visit him but how does it works can you help me out?
Adomako Richard Asenso
17 Sep, 2017
I want a passport and I want to inquire the cost with respect to the durations.
29 Aug, 2017
Please i need a working and resident permit visa in any of this country below Canada, UK, Germany,Belgium and Austria pls can you be of help? Let me know the amount of the listed country above.
Prince Adjei-Mensah
18 Jul, 2017
How do I apply/get a holiday visa to France

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