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Establishment year 2011
Employees 16-25
Registration code CA 68,059 AND LICENSD No. MINTER/PSL/711
VAT registration Certificate No F 0004155
Company manager Rev.Dr Kwesi Biney



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1.0 Introduction

It is agreed in many development cycles that one of the greatest assets of reputable organization is its set of goals and Policies. Indeed organizational policies are very vital as they give direction and a sense of control to the process of organizational change to achieve a desired end.

Notwithstanding, the strength of any Policy is enabled in the ability to translates itself into sound project and programmes, since projects are the cutting edge of development. To enable projects and programmes to run effectively and efficiently requires a team of visionary focusness with a sound research base coupled with a capacity wall built in the usage of contemporary security development and technique.

It is in this direction that the aforementioned ROYAL KINGDOM SECURITY NETWORKS LIMITED (ROKSNEL) a registered private security organization, a research base, training of private security Personnel and security consultancy services. The organization seeks to offer itself as a team to offer genuine security services and development, Protection of lives and Properties, security counseling, educational and planning and any Sub-Section 2-2

2.0 Background and Capacity of ROKSNEL

Roksnel is a Private Security development and Christian oriented firm whose operation encapsulates problem solving, that is security related to development oriented institution and entrepreneur and residential estate.

Roksnel has an Interdisciplinary team with diverse academic, experience, skills background. The staff members are experts in their fields and work together to solve complex security development problems. A brief profile of the Director and staff available now for the services is provided at section 3.0

Roksnel security Network limited ultimate aim is to give security services to all within the length and breadth of the country. Above all to ensure the protection of lives and properties and other security consultancy services.

To provide logistics services to the business community in the area of security.
To provide trained private security personnel to protect lives and properties. To provide general consultancy services.
To provide standard private security training for other private security organization or company internally.
To create. Security consciousness and knowing of the citizenry security among women and children’s rights.
To organize seminars/workshop on security consciousness, awareness and rights.


Social Justice
Time Consciousness

That our clients shall receive total and sustainable security protection of lives and properties at homes, institutions, corporate bodies, residential estate,moreso security consultancy to ensure reliability and dependability for efficiency. Above all achieving excellence as a multi-disciplinary business through provision of efficient services to its clients among the private security business in Ghana.

Qualitative and disciplined private security services are our hall mark to our respected clients. Modern information technological tools and equipment coupled with trained, committed, matured, disciplined security personnel. ROKSNEL Company stands for Profit making through the use of sound business practices like accountability, transparency, efficiency and cooperate responsibility in the private security business.

2.1Clientel and Target Group

Clients and Target of ROKSNEL (Royal Kingdom Security Networks Limited) include the following;
*Financial Institution
*Academic Institution
*Non-Governmental Organization’s
*Residential Estates
*MDS’S and Other Government Organizations
*Mission Houses and Church premises
*Oil and Gas Industries

2.2 Scope of Operations and Activity

ROKSNEL engages in socio-economic security research, training and capacity building of private security Personnel, security services, security education,safety of properties and lives, security partnership, security counseling and Planning, electronic trained security dog sevices,above all security consultancy services. The objective here is to translate Individual, enterprenuers, Institution and Organization objective into desired end and state through well tested and approved security development tools and techniques.

ROKSNEL is indeed committed to work with both local and international agencies,governments,NGO’s,BBO’s,churches to support Institutional security strengthening and capacity building at local and national levels. However specific areas of competence under these broad areas are as follows

Socio-economic Research
*Security Research
*Security and organizational Development Research
*Electronic and IT Security Research
*Security education Research etc.

Entrepreneur and Management Training
*Expression of security writing
*Technical security proposal development writing
*Security Technical Report writing
*Training in Entrepreneur security Management skills
*Security consciousness and Advocacy
*Church Security/Safety Training/Survey/Planning/security Policy Development

Consultancy Services
*Data entry, analysis on security report writing
*Security baseline survey
*Security Project/Development Planning, Monittoring and evaluation
*Technical/Graphic security design

Security Guards Services
*Provision of trained private security guards services
*Provision of trained security Dogs (Soon)
*Provision and supply of VTDR 11-K 98 Vehicle Travelling Data Recorder, GSM/GPRS/GPS home & office security alert, and many more.

Royal Kingdom Security Network Limited (Roksnel) is committed to serve the lord with all its security guards, what it does and what it has. It is therefore the policy and obligation of the organization to seek the face of God through quarterly retreat;thus,at a solitude place to praise, worship God, study the word of God and fervently pray for clients we work with, our guards, environment or community, security issues in the country to mention a few.


The following are the recruitment requirements for the royal kingdom security network limited;
1. Physically and medically fit as examined by a qualified medical doctor.
2. Not a foreigner/Alien but a Ghanaian with a genuine national identity.
3.A person of integrity without any criminal or questionable character.
4. Be married or responsible.
5. Ability to speak and write fluently and clearly in English .9 French will be advantage)
6. Testimonial and any academic certificate.
7. Must be cleared from the National Police Service.

Roksnel security guards that will be deployed to the organization’s assignment are enlisted on merit, thus a detailed information enlistment forms filling, drill exercise and medical examination for fitness, general knowledge quiz. During interview session character, potential for hardwork, reliability, faithfulness and honesty is looked for. Roksnel will not relent in doing background cross examination which is very paramount and vetting for verification of who they are.

All Roksnel security personnel’s are trained in security knowledge, fire safety skills, first aid, reporting system, principles of the word of God, record keeping, self discipline,communication,mental alertness, self defense, just to mention a few.Moreso,the security guards are given refresher security knowledge to be abreast in security in the 21st century crime wave. Training skills also given to organization’s staff on security gadget like CCT Camera operations, VTDR 11-K 98 Vehicle Travelling Data Recorder GSM/GPRS/GPS home & office security alert gadget, and many more. Roksnel security is the Northern and Western Region Territory of Ghana Distributor. Good public relationship, humility, fairness, friendliness, firmness and team work is our hall mark for growth to our clients. Other training topics include the following;

Nature and Role of Private Security Officers
Security Awareness
Private Security Officers and the Criminal Justice
Information Sharing
Crime and Loss Prevention
Legal Aspects of Private Security
Evidence and Evidence Handling
Use of Force and Force Continuum
Court Testimony
Incident Scene Preservation
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and
State and Local Laws
Security Officer Conduct
Professional Image
Observation and Incident Reporting
Observation Techniques
Note Taking
Report Writing
Patrol Techniques
Principles of Communications
Interpersonal Skills
Verbal Communication Skills
Customer Service and Public Relations
Principles of Access Control
Ingress and Egress Control Procedures
Electronic Security Systems
Principles of Safeguarding Information
Proprietary and Confidential

Critical Incident Response (e.g., natural disasters,
accidents, human caused events)
Evacuation Processes
Life Safety Awareness
Safety Hazards in the Workplace/Surroundings
Emergency Equipment Placement
Fire Prevention Skills
Hazardous Materials
Occupational Safety and Health Requirements (e.g.,
OSHA related training, bloodborne pathogens, etc.)
Job Assignment and Post Orders
Employer Orientation And Policies
Substance Abuse
Communications Modes (e.g., telephones, pagers,
radios, computers)
Workplace Violence
Conflict Resolution Awareness
Traffic Control and Parking Lot Security
Crowd Control
Procedures for First Aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
(CPR), and Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs)
Crisis Management
Labor Relations (strikes, lockouts, etc.)
Annual Training Establishing a requirement for annual training. The training
may consist of on the job training, physical training classroom training,
computer based training, or other forms of electronic medium
based training. The type of training should be determined by
such factors as the type of facility where the security officer is
assigned, the duties of the security officer, the value of the
assets being protected, and the level of security risks, threats,
vulnerabilities, and criticality of the assignment.

The Roksnel security services has a formidable training team,which include;
a. Lectures -For General Security studies training
b.Instructor –For foot drills/P T/Tae –Kwon-Do

The following are the accutruments that are supplied by ROKSNEL SECURITY to the guards;
a. Blue black Trousers
B.American Khaki top with the company weaved logo on the left coupled with a reflector
c.A cup with the name of the company inscribed in front
g.Raincoat (Wet season)

Roksnel Security Services shall ensure the provision of energetic,disciplined,and medically fit , drilled and well trained personnel for efficiency. The personnel are prepared to manage every situation. Thence maintenance of standards are our key to our clients.

Frequent supervision and/or routine checks and balances are conducted by our supervisory and management cadre to ensure that assignment is done according to specifications.

All Roksnel security shall be provided with wooden/electrononic truncheon, touchlight, whistle, Vodafone hybrid and CEA communication SIM lines, sooner with VHF Fm Motorola communication (Awaiting frequency from NCA) for use.

In situations of security conflicts, misunderstanding, wrongdoing either by our guards, clients or between Roksnel guards and clients official. Roksnel security with it matured intelligence experience team of retires investigators, military, conflict analyst, lawyers with the state police will undertake investigation for the area where the incidence took place. In gathering substantive evidence, the state police then take over for further prosecution at a competent court of law.


Training and Consultancy Services
a.The charges for any consultancy services provided will depend upon the content and the extent of the security survey outcome of the client.

Security Dog Services:We provide healthy,trained security dogs upon request with a charge/fee.We can also sell if you desire.Remember all our dogs are under the healthcare of the veterinary services.they are of different breed.

Manned Guarding (Security)
b.There is variation in the charges per guard per month per duty post. The location,environment,clients premises, property worth/value to guarded. However the following could be a guide;


Target Client Gh Cedis
1. Corporate Institutions 1,500.00
2. Financial Institutions 800.00
3. Tertiary Institutions 850.00
4. Primary/First /Second Cycle Schools 750.00
5. Residential/Estate 800.00
6. Restaurant/Hotels 750.00
7. Mission Houses/Church Houses 800.00
8. Emergency Response 500.00
9. Institutional Training Negotiable
10. MDA’S Offices and Residency 850.00
11. Church Programmes 500.00
-Annual Harvest }
-Special Meeting } 500.00
-Fund raising forum }
-Revival Programmes }
-All Nights Programmes. }
12.Executive Offices
13.Filling Stations 850.00
14.Radio Stations (Media Houses) 800.00
15.Enviromental Agencies 1,000.00
NOTE: The above charges are subject to changes whenever due upon conducting security survey,it may go up or down.
Security Alarm System (Monitoring)
c.Roksnel security alarm monitoring system operates 24 hours in a week.This system is of two fold;the panic system that is operated on a button that is pressed to call for assistance soon as there is threat and the total system with its own intergrated alarm mechanism that triggers off soon as there is theft attempt in a premises.

The Composition and cost
a.The equipment and installation $900.00
b.The subscription to our CMS $200.00 per month.

Security Guard Dogs
Roksnel dogs are deployed according to a specific need of the client. These trained dogs are deployed mainly with a handler watch at a particular location.Remmeber ,all dogs trained and are of different breeds of wildness.

Charges for the guard dogs sevices per month per shift GHC 500.00 VAT
Charge for the guard with a handler per month per shift GHC 600.00



1. All guards are to work for 12 hours daily thus; 6.00am to 18.00hrs and 6.00pm to 6.00am as the case may be.

2. Guard due on duty without reasonable excuse sought for, looses 2 days pay.

3.Leaving your duty post without being properly released with a pass shall loose 6 days pay or be suspended for one week without pay.

4. Insubordination behavioral attitude shall lead to one week suspension without pay.

5. Smoking at duty post or in uniform looses 4 days pay.

6. Drinking on duty shall lead to outright dismissal and loosing all benefits.

7. Guards on duty interfering with the privacy of the client in a residential abode shall face disciplinary action coupled with appropriate punishment awarded and possible dismissal.

8. Demonstrating disrespect to authority or clients shall be subject to dismissal if found guilty.

9. False statement presentation against both officer and a client shall lead to disciplinary action and appropriate punishment awarded.

10.Any guard caught with drug addiction shall be dismissed outright.

11. No guard shall share or discus with a client anything about Royal Kingdom Security Network Limited (ROKSNEL).If he/she needs any information do direct the one to the office.

12. Should any guard on duty fall sick he/she should report to the supervisor for action?

13. Upon resignation, the guard should give 30 days prior notice to the Management of ROKSNEL.

14. Should any guard steal from post he/she shall be dismissed outright if found guilty and possibly handed over to the police for persecution.

15. Any guard who demonstrate discipline, hardworking, faithfulness shall attract promotion.

16. Good Professionalism of a guard shall attract promotion.

17. Good Public Relationship with client shall attract promotion.

18.The uniform remains the property of ROKSNEL and should not be altered by guards.

19.Only ROKSNEL prescribed uniforms shall be worn on duty.

20.Neatness of a guard is the hallmark of ROKSNEL.

With immediate effect you may loose your pay, should a guard go against any of the above bye-laws. May the Lord God be your helper?

2.3 Office Accommodation/Equipment/
ROKSNEL is located at the 4th floor of the SSNNIT HOUSE on top of SIC Opposite the Vodafone Office complex. It has satellite offices in Accra on the 6th floor of the Premier Tower, Takoradi, Sunyani on the fourth floor of the SSNNIT HOUSE, Kumasi at Adum.Roksnel security has modern office facilities such as computers, printer, and scanner, among others which rapidly facilitates the conduct of services contracted from our clients. The organization intends to have office wherever it takes up contract with a client.

3.0 Proposed Team
ROKSNEL is composed of a strong team of highly qualified, matured and experienced professionals with wide range of background that would meet the expertise and the skills required for successful execution of services. The brief Profile Indicating the capabilities of the Directors are presented as follows.

Rev Dr Franklin Albert KWESI BINEY (CEO/Founder).
He received his early education in Ghana and has experienced additional academic and theological studies both on site and through distance learning in Great Brittan, Ghana West Africa, Maui-Hawaii, California, Indianapolis-Indiana (USA), and Fort Myers-Florida-USA.

He has certificats,diploma’s,and degrees in the following areas; Tropical Agriculture, Farm Management, Export Management, Pastoral Studies, Religious Education, Leadership Development, Leadership Skills,Caregiving and counseling, HIV Manangement,Financial Management,Minstry management, Conflict Analysis,Fundraising,Spiritual Enrichment training,Executive Master in Paralegal Studies,Executive Master in Alternative Disputes Resolution.

He has worked as a Farm Manager, Project Coordinator, High School Teacher, Lecturer in Government Teacher Training College-Utokon in Benue State of Federal Republic of Nigeria, Agricultural Newspaper Columnist, Ministry of Agriculture-Ghana, and A Teacher at Secondary school-Bechem in Ghana. He is now the President and the Founder of Mount Horeb Glory Ministry.

He holds membership in the following Organization and bodies;OMEP-UK,South Africa Institute of fundraising(SAIF),ALL-SA-South Africa,GAPVOD-Ghana,BANGO-Sunyani,Haggai Institute,WANGO a council member in Ghana, AIDS coalition of Ghana Aids Commission, A member of the Brong Ahafo Regional Economic Development Task Force, A counselor at the Domestic Violence of women and children Unit of the Brong Ahafo Regional Police Headquarters, A Governing council member of the International Pan African Institute for Development-West Africa-(PAID-WA) A member of the Brong Ahafo Region Economic Task Force, A member of the just ended Brong Ahafo Region @50 Planning Committee.

He is currently involved in social evangelism and Preaching, care and support of orphans and disables, Leadership Training, caring and supporting People living with HIV/AIDS, counseling and Care giving, Fundraising, Radio Resource Person and a resource Person to churches, DSA, MDA’S, Ghana Aids Commission and other not for- Profit organization, a motivational and a Public Speaker, A Preacher, Teacher of the word of God. A guest lecturer at the word of life Bible College in Fort Myers in Florida-USA.

He is an author and a writer and has published the following works; Practical Counseling as a Christian, The heavenly secrets of the Lord’s Prayer, 100 Wisdom keys about life, twelve agricultural Researched articles published. To mention few. Currently developing books titled, counselling through the telephone and preventing casualties in life and in ministry. Furthermore undertaking distance learning in Masters Degree in Religious Studies (MRS) from Nations University-USA and Masters degree in Criminal Justice (Majoring in Private Security.Dr Biney is an award winner in the category of international Excellence award in Security Research and currently a security analyst to the Joy Television News,Light Television,vision radio,ankobra Radio-Axim and a managing partner of the African Center for Conflict Resolution,Peace and Security (ACCREPS)

Mrs. Christine Afia Biney (Human Resource Director)
Mrs. Christine Biney is a trained teacher and has taught French Language since 2001 at Rev Grant Methodist JHS in Takoradi.Did experience a refresher course in French in the Republic of Togo. She then became a student at the Methodist University to pursue a Degree Programme in Bachelors in Business Administration.(2001-2004).

She became the Personnel Officer at the Ghana Education Services for 4 years, she did occupy the the position of Integrated Personal Payroll Database-IPPD Coordinator at Ho Municipality.
In the year 2008 September, she did enroll for further studies at the Methodist University for the Master Degree in Business Administration-MBA (Human Resource),which she has now graduated in November,2010.

She also held other responsible positions whiles in the school. these included; Sports Prefect, Organiser of NUPS (National Union of Presbyterian Students), A member of the Dramer Troup, Chorister, Sports and Games Committee Member.

Seth Ayeh Sakyiamah (Director)
Seth is water and environmental engineer. He has vast experience is water, sanitation and environmental health, capacity building training, community animation, advocacy and organizational development. He has been working in the NGO sector since 1994 and has experience in NGO management, having worked with a leading Ghanaian NGO, ISODEC from 1994 to 2004. He was a regional water and sanitation engineer from 1994 to 1999 and the regional manager from 2000 to 2004. He has skills in designing of technical manuals and training of water and sanitation facilities. He holds a masters degree in Water and environmental engineering from the University of Surrey in Guildford in UK.
He has also worked as a security steward with Knight and Sons Security LTD in the United Kingdom after passing the Security Industry Authority (SIA) course in Door Supervision. The course details include, searching and arresting procedures, Understanding aggression, emergency procedures, recording incidents and crime scene preservation as well as communication skills and how to deal with anti terrorism emergencies.
Seth is member of some professional bodies both in Ghana and the United Kingdom. Among them are, Christian engineers for Development (CED) UK, Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management and Ghana Institution of Engineers.
4.0 Procedure for Contracting ROKSNEL
If request is for private security guard for your institution, Home, Estate, Office, the following steps could be taken;
*You may call for enquiries
*You may send a written application for a security guard or request for official request forms
*Roksnel Security shall respond to your request swiftly after processing for agreement and terms of payment and references.
On the other hand if its security consultancy services and/or social economic security research, in the same way a formal expression of Interest shall be sent to us for contracting and services provision.
4.1 Communication Channel
You may call the following numbers for your security needs:
00233-244-624596 -Sunyani 0209987126-Kumasi
00233-264-624596 -Sunyani 0243215880-Accra
0352192781-Office Line 0542429360-Accra

Or write to the:
The Chief Executive Director
Royal Kingdom Security Networks Limited
P O Box 1254,Sunyani-Brong Ahafo Region
Ghana-West Africa

Or if its in Person locate us at the:
On Top of SIC, Sunyani-B/A Ghana.
Sigma Base Office at the Old Accra Staion-Takoradi-W/R

6th Floor Premier Tower-Opposite Pension House- Accra (Candela Office)


ROKSNEL’s presence is at;















Church Security/Safety Training Courses
• Inter-Faith Church Security & Intruder Response Seminar - 3 Days
• Intruder Awareness/Response Awareness for Church Personnel - 3 Days
• Inter-Faith Church Security & Intruder Awareness/Response for Church Personnel - 2 Day
• Compliance & Control Conflict Resolution for Church Personnel
• Taser Training & Certification for Church Personnel
• 4-Day Church Security Bootcamp Course
• Pastoral Protection Training
• Personal Awareness & Safety for Believers
• Intruder Awareness/Response for Faith Based Personnel
• Medical Preparedness & Response Training
• Church Related Scenario Training
• 2-Day “Faith Based Intruder Response”

Are you looking for training for your church security team, church greeters, church ushers or parking attendants? We have several training courses that can be customized with various timelines and training objectives suitable for church demographics and desired capabilities. When selecting training for your church’s volunteer and paid personnel that serve in one of these above capacities you should ask the following questions:
• Will this training be covered by our existing insurance provider?
• What guidelines does the church’s insurance provider require for the training capability that is desired?
• Is the training provided a suitable solution for a church worship environment?
• Can the training be conducted on the evenings or weekends for church’s that have volunteer personnel who cannot attend during the week and during the day?

The decision for any organization to provide a professional capability for emergency medical or security response is made primarily for the following reasons:
1. FREQUENCY of incident that could occur
The likelihood of an incident occurring within your church congregation. In other words because of the likelihood that member(s) of visitor(s) could experience a medical emergency or security emergency. Additionally these decisions are made based on protecting church investments of real assets in regards to physical security as well.
2. IMPACT of the incident once it does occur
What the impact or result of the incident that we are trying to either prevent or immediately mitigate once it does occur. In other words although the likelihood of a church shooting occurring during a church service is very unlikely based on the statistics, but we choose to prepare for this UN-likely event in hopes of preventing it before it occurs OR responding to the event very quickly and effectively if it does occur. The reason we make this decision to prepare is because of the tremendously negative impact it will have on the church membership, individuals affected and the long lasting psychological impact it will have on members and visitors.
If your church is looking for training on any of the below topics for security/safety staff as well as greeters, ushers, parking attendants or others that may be called to take action in the case it is needed please contact us if you are within Ghana and the west African sub-region at or call
+233-244-624596/+233-233-624596/+233-264-624596/+233-20-9987114 and we can customize and quote your training package so that it is suitable with your timeline and capability requirements for your staff.

Courses Offered:
• Conflict Management & Intruder Awareness/Response
This course will educate your church security, ushers, greeters and parking attendants on recognizing behavioral pre-cursors to suspicious behavior. Knowing the body language is many times a PRIOR indicator to behavioral intentions or acts, an overview of suspicious behavior or pre-cursors to watch for is reviewed. Additionally this course provides strategies to DE-escalating conflict from a verbal point of view and covers what phrases and language to avoid to prevent conflict in a verbal nature from escalating. Included with this course is an overview of lockdown procedures for both “THREAT INSIDE” and “THREAT OUTSIDE” lockdown of a church facility as well as protocols for response for what to do when “lockdown fails”. Practical exercises of all of the above can be included and customized based on timeline availability as well.
• Compliance & Control Conflict Resolution for Church Personnel
This course will provide your church security and usher staff strategies, principles and techniques for obtaining physical compliance for a wide variety of threats that a passive aggressive or overtly aggressive attacker that may target church leadership, staff or congregation members. Capabilities that can be included within this course depending on timeline limitations can include; soft hand empty hand techniques, escort and removal principles and techniques, takedowns and restraint, edged weapon defense.
• Less Lethal Taser Training Certification
This course is designed to meet both insurance and legal requirements for effective Taser operation and deployment guidelines. This course CANNOT be shorter than 2 days and is recommended for those churches with a serious desire to have a very effective “less than lethal” capability for their security team. It includes education, drills and scenarios for proper deployment based on strict guidelines.
• Pastoral Protection Training
This course is designed to provide a church security team with capabilities related to protecting not only church leadership but also the immediate family of church leadership as well. The training will allow a church security team to evaluate whether a pastoral protection aspect is needed through risk assessment and will also assist them in determining whether or not the protection is needed on a situational or seasonal basis. The training provided includes both stationary worship protection principles and mobile speaking/mission trip protection principles.
• Medical Preparedness & Response Training
Any organization that serves a group of people (large or small) should have a planned capability for medical needs beyond basic first aid for scratches, bumps and bruises. This need is particularly important from both a “public relations” and “civil liability” point of view as the size of the group served increases and the seriousness of the medical need becomes more critical. Anticipating that medical needs and emergencies will occur and having a plan and training in place PRIOR to them occurring is something that is highly recommended for these reasons. Responsibly preparing in advance for anticipated medical needs through obtaining training, equipment and establishing a medical/safety response plan is something that is highly recommended. “Just Calling 911” is a good example of NOT “responsibly preparing” and NOT exercising good faith when making an emergency medical preplan. This course will train your existing medical professionals (paramedics, nurses, doctors, EMT’s, etc.) that already attend your church on how to prepare and equip a church medical ministry team.
• Church Related Scenario Training
Once your security, usher, greeter and parking personnel have received the foundational training for their respective service assignments we can provide a wide variety of scenario based training that allows them to practically demonstrate what they have learned. Simply giving them training via a classroom or in a situation that DOES NOT represent a realistic simulation of the real thing is not enough. Allowing them to demonstrate what they have learned while operating in a scenario that IS a reasonable simulation of the real thing is recommended so that they can practically demonstrate what they have learned while their physiological sympathetic nervous system is activated and they are having to adequately perform the tasks they have learned while under duress and the influence of adrenaline. These scenarios can be customized based on the capabilities & assignment of the attendee and the time limitations of the training evolution.


Our mission in providing “Inter-Faith Intruder Response” as well as “Church Security” training/consulting is based on Matthew 10:16 (NJKV version)

Persecutions Are Coming
Matthew Chpt. 10:v. 16 - Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

Although we don't like to think violent acts occurring within the church walls, it is something for which we are obligated to prepare. There are several good reasons that we must Pray, Prepare, Prevent & prevail. Many types of incidents (both big & small) could happen and have happened within churches all over the country. Church leaders have an obligation to church members, parishioners, and every visitor who steps inside our doors to provide a safe environment for worship.
This 1-day seminar will give each attendee the information and tools to start up your church’s security ministry or formalize/professionalize your church’s existing security ministry. Additionally the seminar will address specific information related to intruder response, lock down preparation, when lock down fails preparation, offering transport, embezzlement prevention, nursery security protocols, medical safety ministry preparation, pastoral preparation and many other topics related to the safety and security of the church environment. The seminar format allows the attendee all of the tools they need (via a workbook completed in the course) to either start up or formalize your church’s security ministry.

Are You a Church Leader . . . ?
• Pastor of a church responsible for shepherding your congregation regardless of size. (small, medium or mega-church)

• Business Administrator of a church responsible for risk management, emergency planning and managing safety issues. Additionally you may be responsible for locating, interviewing and conducting background checks from a human resources point of view.

• Facility Manager of a church responsible for physical maintenance, security and safety of the church.

• Children, Sunday School or Youth Director of a church responsible for safety, security and accountability for children and youth entrusted to your care.

• Security/Safety Director of a church responsible for planning and implementation of your church's safety and security ministry.

• Law Enforcement Professional who wants to start or participate in a security ministry for the church that you attend.
Then the 1-Day Inter-Faith Intruder Response Seminar is a MUST attend event!

The bottom line is that because of the world we live in we are obligated as church leaders to recognize the following facts in regards to our obligation to our church members, parishioners, visitors and those with whom within the walls we have been entrusted with.

Inter-Faith Church Security Seminar Testimonials
• "This is MUST attend training for all pastors, staff and church security personnel"
Steve Ijames - James River Assembly Church - Retired Springfield, MO Police Dept.

• "This training course has given me a much greater insight in the ability to prepare written procedures & guiding biblical principles . . . "
Rod Land - Concord Baptist Church - Jefferson City, MO

• "The teaching was GREAT! I was BLOWN AWAY by the broad knowledge & information given at this seminar. 1-day and you get enough information and knowledge to begin a security team, medical team, nursing staff, and so much more. I need to tell you from a Pastor's perspective it was awesome!"
Pastor Barry Young - Crown Pointe Church - Lee's Summit, MO

What are the Facts?
• Acts of violence are on the increase in churches and other public places due to:
- Increased media attention
- Copycat acts by those who want to “outdo” a previous act are typically committed by those wanting to be remembered . . . regardless the costs.
• These violent acts have included robbery, assault, rape, religiously motivated hate crimes, domestic relationships gone bad, etc.
• The majority of violent acts are carried out by people who have a current or former connection to the congregation.
• There are frequently warning signs or pre-act indicators that should to be taken seriously and communicated to those responsible for protecting our churches.
• Most churches are unprepared to recognize, prevent or respond to acts of violence and the tragic results of these acts.
• Church staff, volunteers, members, and visitors have the right to feel safe and protected while in attendance and service.
Some Things to Think About
Starting, improving or professionalizing your church’s security ministry should include several considerations including but not limited to:
• Associated Liabilities & Risk Management
• Nursery & Sunday School Security – Policies & Procedures
• Armed or Unarmed Security Presence – What’s right for your Church?
• Educating & Training Usher Teams & Church Greeters
• Communication Protocols between Ministry Teams
• Offering/Tithes Protection & Transport
• Emergency Action Planning – Policies & Procedures
• Medical Emergency Response Planning – Policies & Procedures
• Background Checks for Church Volunteers & Staff
• Financial Asset Protection – Policies & Procedures
• Developing an Outreach for Law Enforcement
• Pastoral Staff Personal Security
• Physical Security for Church Buildings – Construction & Surveillance Systems
• Understanding the Islamic Totalitarianism Threat

What are the Risks?
• No church should assume...“it won't happen here.” This attitude contradicts the biblical principle outlined in Matthew 10:16
• Churches & religious organizations of all sizes, locations and demographics have experienced random acts of violence...often with tragic results.

Can violent acts at Churches be prevented?
The likelihood of violent acts can be reduced by preparing in advance. Many instances of potential violence can be recognized in advance and either prevented or mitigated once they do occur through effective, advance preparation.

What can your Church do to Prepare?
Any type of preparation begins with education. The right solution for your church will depend on several factors:
• History & demographics of the community and potential risk factors identified
• Recognize potentially escalating events within the church membership, visitors or those your pastoral staff is counseling. Examples include:
- A former member who has been ex-communicated
- An estranged spouse who has been domestically violent with a member of the church
- Addicts receiving counseling (now or in the past) for various addictions (drug, sexual, gambling, pornographic, etc.)
• Develop a policy to confidentially communicate potentially escalating situations to pastoral staff and also to appropriate security personnel or church leaders.
• Establish and train either a covert or overt security presence within your church. Some options for this would include:
- Establish & Train Security
- Team Hire a Professional Security Firm
- Hire off-duty Law Enforcement Professionals
- Recruiting Law Enforcement Professionals to Your Church as Volunteers

Want to learn more or discuss what options are right for your Church?
OPTION #1 – Attend a 1-day seminar. Simply call for schedule of seminars. Seminars include a comprehensive overview of church security issues, Interfaith Intruder Response & Q/A sessions for your individual security needs.
OPTION #2 – Contact us if you are in any west African country via to discuss consultancy services that are totally flexible, saleable and customizable for your churches individual needs. These services include but are not limited to the following:
• Onsite Security Surveys
• Establish & Train Security Team (Overt or Covert) (Armed vs. Unarmed)
• Written Policy & Procedure Development
• Pastoral Staff Protection Training
• Pastoral Staff Protection Services
• A to Z Church Security Program Development
West African Accredited Representative;
Royal Kingdom Security Network Limited (ROKSNEL)
4th Floor SSNNIT House, Sunyani-Brong Ahafo Region & 37 Royalt Castle Rd,Kokomlemle-Acccra
Ghana-West Africa
Tel; +233-244-624596/+233-264-624596/+233-233-624596/+233-20-9987114

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