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Corona Virus
I'm very surprised that your running a very close contact business with the Corona Virus affecting your country.
It takes only one customer to bring it to your business and then all your workers will be affected to pass it on to more customers and they will then pass it on to other people. You will end up with it as well.
Reply by Alvin J Reber Jr
7 May, 2020
so you gave them one star based on what? . you have time on your hands to review a place you have never been? or it was not a good experience as a massage? To me it sounds like you are not even in the country of Ghana ... I, will have to use the expression from a Wrestler in the 1970s from New York State.... "what a putz"
Reply by Dude
1 Oct, 2020
Stupid review to destroy someone business, 1st visit the place, check safety standards and review. Very foolish review