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5 Jun, 2020
Pls are you currently having problems with transfers? Really difficult receiving money since last week
29 May, 2020
My grandma is been blocked for sending money to me. Can she fix that problem???
29 May, 2020
Can the Ghana card be used to receive money in Ghana
Clifford Oduro
1 May, 2020
Can I own a western Union account without visiting your bank station please give me a feedback within 24 hours I wish my problem will be your concern
Kwaku boateng
26 Apr, 2020
Pourquoi je n'arrive plus à retirer de l'argent à western union ?
Henry Acheampong
22 Apr, 2020
Please my dad is sending me money via western union from USA and please can I receive it by using my new voters ID card for that I want to hear from you soon..
Samuel Antwi
20 Apr, 2020
My friend from the United States of America California to be specific has been trying to send me some money but the system is not permitting her to. Is there anything she can do? Or do I have to come to your office for any assistance.
1 Apr, 2020
Where is your hard office in Accra and contact number
Henoch Gagou
5 Feb, 2020
Je m'appele henoch togolaise on m'a envoier de l'argent par wester Union je peut prendre ma carte d'identité et la carte consulaire pour le retrait merci
Dorcas Gyesi
22 Jan, 2020
My husband sent me money which was picked up before I got the bank. I now the agents identification number, picked up in Accra but want to know the exact agency,time and other information to claim my money lost. Please help me. Its just 3days ago
Mikado benedicta
11 Dec, 2019
MTCN tracking number 8946600184 has not received any money yet it is showing the sender the money has been received I want to know the branch, date , time and the person who received the money
Invisible Dhyelog
27 Nov, 2019
How can i get a western union account?
magretta m kamanda
10 Oct, 2019
I was told that I can not receive money. I am on review . I should contact customer care , I try calling but no answer. Where and how should I handle this ,?
Answer by Anthony kwadwo okyere
14 Dec, 2019
Anthony kwadwo okyere I was told that I cannot receive money on western Union again because of multiple received of different people please can you help to explained and tell me what to do
Peter Amoah
13 Aug, 2019
Please I went to the bank to withdraw money sent for my daughters school fees and the money could not be withdrawn when I ask, I was told there is a limit to my withdrawal. I want to know if Western Union has a limit of receiving money through Western Union
Andrew Larry Umukoro
7 Aug, 2019
Which Branch can i pick 4000 ghc in one Control in Accra Ghana

Its very urgent plz
Samuel Arthur
29 Mar, 2019
My father sent me money but since yesterday when I tracked it says in progress still not available, why?
8 Feb, 2019
Please can I get my western union statement for a specific period(Jan-Feb 2018) on the monies I have received? Please what should do?
Joyce Bampoe
31 Jan, 2019
I have a shop at Adenta Accra. How do I become an agent for Western Union Money
N S Daran
29 Dec, 2018
Which western union branch is open on 24hours in Accra.
Lisa McDonald
7 Dec, 2018
Are any Western Union open today Farmers Day please
29 Nov, 2018
Please what is the main contact line for the head office
Andri Subandrio
14 Nov, 2018
Is WU Acra Ghana have a service of Deposit Money to transfer sum by sum, for exampleI am deposited my money $5000, and instruct you to send for some people out of Ghana $500 in every sending until the amount is run out?
Frimpong Manso
21 Jul, 2018
Can I send money from Ghana to Macedonia via western union? if yes the location please.
25 Jun, 2018
Hi is it possible to send money through Wester Union to USA. If yes where in Accra can it be done. I tried a lot of banks and they indicated its not possible but your adverts indicate send and receive money to any where.
mr chew
10 Apr, 2018
Hello ! can i send money from Ghana to Malaysia?
Answer by Christian
18 Oct, 2018
Hi Good day. Sorry but western Union doesn't send money out here in Ghana.. That's what I know for now. Only way was to travel to Togo to do it. Some adverts are misguided. Here they only receive. Thanks
Issah Maimuna Ladi
12 Mar, 2018
I was blocked by western union I want to know why?
Audrey Maison
6 Mar, 2018
Is there a western union branch open in Accra today March 6th?
Larry Antwi
5 Mar, 2018
What is the transaction fee for transferring money into an account in China?
Robert Thompson
19 Feb, 2018
Can s person from Ghana send money to the USA?
Angel Bristol
11 Feb, 2018
What is the maximum amount i can recieve and within how many days can i receive it?
Benjamin Korsah
13 Jan, 2018
Why can't we (Ghanaians) send money through western union to the other part of the world?
Answer by Pettigrew
14 Feb, 2018
Exactly I cant send money to ghana either. Plus they will not refund over 1,000.00
25 Dec, 2017
Will Western Union open tomorrow on 25 December ...Even half day ?
Rodrigo Diaz
7 Dec, 2017
Are you accepting money sending to chile
16 Nov, 2017
Can you please send money from ghana to philippines through western union
Amina kaba
7 Nov, 2017
The western union have suspended me from receiving money so I want to know how long does it take for them to five me a chance because my family that always sent me the money for push into house building.
Ricky Michael
5 Oct, 2017
What is the western union ACCOUNT transfer global code for GHANA
Justice Clifford Adu
1 Sep, 2017
Why don't you accept identity cards issued pre 1994? And why haven't you published that for the public to know.
18 Aug, 2017
Where is main office for western union in accra Ghana
Emmanuel Eddy Kpodo
18 Jul, 2017
Please is it possible for me to send money from Ghana to Indonesia through western union
Kwoke klenam
12 Jul, 2017
Can someone track a name online to get ur code number?
This is because money was sent to me from Hongkong and Anoda person picked it up
Annor Yaw Boakye
5 Jul, 2017
Please how am I able to send money through Western union to my friend in Canada , I went to a GCB bank and they were confusing me with some bank to bank swift code stories , I just want to send it direct at a pickup
25 Jun, 2017
Will Western Union be open on the 26th of June 2017 in Ghana
Wahabu Mohammed
22 Jun, 2017
How can I become an agent?
Yvonne Addo
14 Jun, 2017
I have the mtcn number but the only ID I have is NISSAN card. can I withdraw money with that?
Mensah Kwamina
6 Apr, 2017
Please want to ask if western union business solutions(Globalpay) is done in Ghana and if so where?. Need it to pay a deposit to a school in Canada
Saldy reyes
31 Jan, 2017
To whom it may concern,
Is the western union policy of ghana is you can't send money out going till your name haven't receive incoming money first? I appreciate u're promp response .
3 Dec, 2016
Please which western union location open on Sunday in Accra?
kofi asante
1 Dec, 2016
Can i send money from ghana to china ?
Elena Rodriguez
26 Sep, 2016
I wanna send money to my husband in Indonesia but when I went to the bank they said,they can only receive money but they can't can that be possible...
Baffour Yeboah Asuamah
11 Sep, 2016
What is the dollar to cedi exchange rate for today?

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