Castle Gate Estates Gh. Ltd.

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Castle Gate Estates Gh. Ltd.
2nd Floor of West Africa Decore Tiles Building, Tema Mottoway Roundabout, opposite the Total Filling Station on the Akosombo Roand, Tema, Ghana
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+233 244742686 - +233 501287500 - +233 205382545
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Castle Gate Not Legal Owners of Katamanso Land
I purchased a plot of Land from Castle Gate at Katamanso in 2013 and finished paying the entire amount within 3 months. However, it took the Company 5 good years before allocating a piece of land to me. And when I started putting up a structure on it, I found out (from doing a land title/registration search) that Castle Gate is not legally entitled to any land in Katamanso. There’s a particular Kpone Katamanso family who are the legitimate owners of the land are now requesting 3x what I paid for the land! On top of it all, Castle Gate has shut down its office and the entire staff has vanished into thin air. It’s just ridiculous!
Castle can’t be trusted
I bought a land their from Castle gate estate at their site at Kuntunse in 2012/2013 .Eventhough I have made full payment I’m yet to receive my documents.I was first given a site plan and shown a portion of land which was later given a different land and a new site plan.As I speak now I’m yet to receive the indenture and other documents to proof my ownership of the land.I have been going to their offices since 2013 but to no avail.Based on this I will not recommend Castle gate Estate to anyone especially when you are outside Ghana like me.They are refusing to answer my calls and are refusing to hand over my documents to me.Please beware of Castle Gate Estate :they are not what they proclaim to be.I’m aware they signed a new brand Ambassador...don’t like that deceive you in buying a land from them because you will regret later.
Story Tellers/ will reject your call.
I live in the USA far away from home. When my 78years old mom was facing eviction, she convinced me to acquire a piece of land for her. I was happy because she will be buying from a company instead of the road side guys. We paid more than half the price of a service plot to Castle gate in September 2018. Today is April 16th, 2018 and it's been one story after the other. Castle's gate policy was that, we pay half and we can start doing something on the land. I personally spoke to one Mohammed guy who was very nice on the phone. He promised allocating a land to my mom on Friday the 13th and he filled. He now rejects my call. Now the poor 78 years poor widow have to use her pocket money, cut her sleep short in order to wait in front of castle gate like a pauper to hear another story from Castle gate. They intimated her by asking for the rest of the money which is less than half the original amount. Besides, the agreement was that we pay in 1 year installment. The old women was eventually been evicted, siblings and grandkids scattered, area thieves are stealing my mother belongings from her friend's porch where she keeps it, castle Gate is comfortably sitting on my hard earn money , and God is watching from above. I begun research the company. From Ghana web, I got to know Redeemer W. was arrested and charged in the court for taking a sum of money belonging to a military man and exchange for a house, then the Ananse stories started till the man can't take it anymore. Every night, my mom will call me weeping over castle gate . I can't take it any more. I am greatly trouble.
Reply by Kofi
26 Jun, 2018
Rose. I’m sorry to hear about your ordeal. I also have a similar story from my dealings with castle gate. I’m trying to get together people who have been swindled by castle gate so we can bring this company and their representatives to justice. How do I get in touch with you?
Reply by Sandra
16 Jul, 2018
Kofi am also a victim of castle gate swindling. you can get in touch with me via email address
Reply by Fortune Agbele
28 Feb, 2019
Hello Kofi my husband has also been defrauded by Castle gate.18500 Ghana cedis. Our email address is We will be glad to join other people who have also been defrauded by them to take action
Reply by Eric
21 Jun, 2019
I'm Eric. Actually my mom decided not to go ahead with the purchase anymore and since then (2016), they haven't been able to refund her money even though they said they will deduct 10% as if it's tight. The same story and the same Mohammed guy.
I would like to know if i can join on behalf of my mother.
My email
Reply by Eva Owusu
3 Jan, 2020
Hi, I’m also a victim of Castle Gate’s fraud. I’m happy to join in taking an action against the Company and/or the company. I also have 3 other work colleagues in the same situation. You may reach me via email:
I purchase a full plot at c25 with a discount of 5% off and documentation provided in less than 1 month. Am now at 83% of completing my building thanks to Castle Gate Estate.
Reply by Akuachia
22 Aug, 2019
Thank your stars. But I don't believe you. They have contracted you to do their bidding. CASTLE GATE ESTATES LTD are FRAUDSTERS. Especially REEDEMER AND MOHAMMED. The least said about these two people the better. They have just set up their mind to dupe people for their selfish gain. But they should remember that what goes around definitely comes around. They have duped me since 2014 after making cash (outright) payment for a piece of land that never existed. People outside should beware!!!!
Reply by Redeemer
3 Dec, 2019
It is rather unfortunate that competitors will employ this tactise to tarnish the image of the company. Checking your names from our system, 5 of you are not clients of the company. The other 2 people are true client because they made payment into our bank account and they have been served.
If you are genuine client kindly bring your bank deposit or transfer slip or cheque deposit slip to the office at katamanso and I will ensure your issues will be resolved immediately.
To the information of the general public,we do not accept cash payment in the office. We issued a disclaimer to that effect. We also stated in our offer letter that all payment must be made into our account but the people complaining are those who claimed they have made cash payment and the company have not received same. All valid payment must be bank deposit, cheque, or transfers. All those who are making false allegations are those people who have not pay money into the company's accounts but want to lay claim to the company properties because they claimed they have false receipt.
We also want to state that, we acquired 230 acres of land at katamanso, 50 acres at tema community 25, 50 acres at dodowa, 20 acres at kutunse making a total plots of over 1400 clients who bought plots genuinely from the company and make payment into the company's account and are happily leaving on their land presently.
It can not be true that these people are genuine on their claimes. If you are genuine client kindly bring with you any of the following; bank cash deposit slip, bank transfer slip or cheque deposit slip into our account and your issues will be resolved in less than 24hrs. Our office is located at katamanso. Thank you.
Reply by Eva Owusu
3 Jan, 2020

Can you kindly direct me to your Katamanso office? All my transactions were done in the Adenta office and I have proof of payment as requested BUT now I see your Adenta office has mysteriously shut down and none of your staff members is answering my calls; Elizabeth, Mohammed, Emmanuel, Bismark, Jerry... they all know my name.

I’m beginning to believe that something shady is going on and so I don’t believe these reviewers are lying at all. Castle Gate has defrauded us all!

Please, let me know how to reach you or your staff. I may be reached via
Reply by Kwame
15 Jan, 2020
Hello, can you please direct me to your office at Katamanso. I want to purchase a land.
Reply by Sam Afari
15 Apr, 2020
Do do it! You will regret it
Reply by Edwin
15 Apr, 2020
I have an issue of similar nature to settle with Castle Gate. However, Castlegate did well in allocating the Kuntunse Lands. But with the community 25 lands I can’t tell what happened. Please Castlegate direct us to your office at Katamanso so we can get into talks.

the best service plots with full documentation. I want to share my experience i had with castle gate estate. they are the best real estate in Ghana
Reply by EvaOwusu
4 Jan, 2020
This is obviously a lie! There’s no question that you were paid a fee to put this up. If I’m wrong I apologize but to prove I’m wrong, please reach out to Castle Gate and set up a meeting, would you?; I would like to meet with them over my land which was fully paid for in 2013. I would also like to post a good review similar to yours after experiencing their so-called “remarkable service”
I'm glad to have this opportunity to express my utter disgust at Redeemer Worwui and his blatant act of theft to me.
I have been chasing castle gate estate for money owed me for years now. I have spoken to the CEO and he promised to give me my money only to reject my phone calls later.
This money has been with him for four years now.
Redeemer, I heard rumours of how unscrupulous you are and i never believed it till recently.
Please give me my money, I need it.
As for the public, please have nothing to do with this company. Another young man ready to make it in life at all costs, even if he has to rob people and cause his own disgrace.
Reply by Kofi
26 Jun, 2018
Justina. I’m sorry to hear about your ordeal. I also have a similar story from my dealings with castle gate. I’m trying to get together people who have been swindled by castle gate so we can bring this company and their representatives to justice. How do I get in touch with you?
Reply by Momodou Cham
24 Aug, 2019
Hi Kofi,
I am fighting for 2 plots in Community 25. Pls add me to the efforts
Reply by Redeemer Worwui
6 Dec, 2019
It is rather unfortunate that competitors and non-clients will employ this type of tactics to tarnish the image of the company. 2 of the complainants are true client because they paid money into the company's account and so the company have resolved their issues.
The rest are not legal client of the company because we cannot confirm their so called receipt from our account. The agreement they signed with the company is to make payment into the company's accounts but they claim they paid cash in the office and the company have not received it. They are using such receipts to claim they are client but the company cannot admit them as client when the company have not received payment from them.
Castle Gate Estate is a legitimate business in land retail business and currently have allocated lands to over 1400 client who followed the company accepted mode of payment and they are currently happily living on their properties.
If you are a true client, kindly bring to us a photocopy of your Bank deposit slip, cheque deposit slip or bank transfer slip and the company will ensure your issue are resolved .
I will be waiting to here from you. Thank you.
Terrible people. Do not buy from here. Buyer beware they will tell you lies unserviced and bad plots in Tema. Their boss is someone called redeemer, he is rude and unhelpful. Getting a refund from them after the proposed 90 days is impossible avoid them
Reply by Justina Alema-Mensah
4 Jul, 2016
Helo Hammond,
Can you please look for for me on Facebook and contact me privately. Thanks.
Reply by Bel
12 Sep, 2018
We are preparing a writ of summon on behalf of some clients who are ordinarily resident in the UK and USA to recover monies owed them by these unreliable developers. They sold lands and turn around to say the lands turned out to be sacred lands and will replace them yet the failed. If u are interested call contact me on 0272867015.
Reply by Patrick Ansah
18 Nov, 2019
I've also been swindled by Castlegate Estate. I paid for 2 plots in Dodowa Hills. Promised that the lands would be serviced. Paid full amount of money, only to now find out that the land is not even registered in their name and they are saying that there is now an issue regarding the land with the local assembly men. I have now read the reviews of these crooks and their stories. I just want my money refunded ASAP. I live in the UK but my mother has been trying tirelessly to chase them up. This company gives Ghana a bad name and discourages people from the diaspora reinvesting back in Ghana.
I would be more than happy to contribute to them being brought to justice.
Good service!
11 Dec, 2016
Reply by Dagomba man
11 Jan, 2017
I'm Now planning to purchase one plot. If they chop my money, I will kill them. So am not afraid...
Reply by Moshie girl
17 Mar, 2017
Please don't! We are also chasing them for either our plot or our money back. It's been 4 years.
Reply by THE GUY
19 May, 2017
Reply by bridget
8 Dec, 2017
They are thieves. I wish all of us can come together and find a lasting solution to these scammers. It's been over 5 years now. All our plans have been destroyed.They have to pay back our money with interest.
Reply by Kofi
25 Jun, 2018
Bridget. Your comment is on point. And yes , all buyers scammed by castle gate need to come together and make them pay. How do I get in touch with you?
Reply by sandra
16 Jul, 2018
Kofi please get in touch with me. I have been swindled by castle gate for over four years now. My email address is
Reply by Eric
23 Jun, 2019
Hello Kofi,
I'm also interested to join and take crush against them.
Please get in touch if it's still possible.
Reply by Joan Kissiedu
28 Sep, 2019
Am also victim. I bought their land in now ready to build n the has vanished. Am ready to take them on.all my documents are intact

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4 Mar, 2017
I really luv to buy a house wit 3bedroom in tema, how much do I pay upright

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We are an estate development company for the middle to high income earners.
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