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I am looking for an electrical engineers or contractors to give me some work
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Seeking employment in an organization where I can utilize my knowledge, skills and develop experience while contributing towards fulfilling the organization’s growth, objectives and developing my career in the related field.
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I am looking for a middle management level job.
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I am looking for a job
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I working in a reputable organisation will cause an impact on how I pursue my objectives and make decisions.I will also be learning on the job as well.
It will also offer me an opportunity to meet and understand people from all religious, social and cultural backgrounds.

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I am looking for a company to work with for a longer period of time to leverage my potentials and well endowed know-how for the attainment of the cooperate goal of all and to the betterment of my career in the shortest possible time.
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I am Godwin owiredu an industrious gentleman who is very adventurous and well equipped. If you really want to get your job done in good shape and excellently then you can confine in me.
1. Team work: I do very well in team works and also far better working alone, in fact am all round.
2. I am also able to work very well under pressure
3. I also have analytical and problem solving skills
4. I am proficient with computer training skills
5. Leadership and management skills is another ability I possess, i am able to take charge and manage other co-workers.
6. Hardwork and punctuality in all areas regarding work activities.
7. Good communication skills and also fluent in most local languages .


Microsoft word
Microsoft Excel

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I am looking for a job as a secretory or shop attendant as I keep on learning new experience from work
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A student who needs help

In finanacial purposes
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I am looking for any company to work
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I am looking for a management training which will help me with a different skills and strengthen me in any field
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to secure a responsible career opportunity to fully utilize my training and skills,while making a significant contribution to the success of the company. Seeking an entry-level position to begin my cereer in a high-level professional environment.
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I am working as a National service personnel at Food and Drugs Authority. I have become equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills that come with working in any department.

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I want a job that will help me develop my skills and teach me a lot of things in the job as a fresh entry
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