Job vacancy Dispatch Rider

59 Okodan St, Blue Gate district, Osu, Accra near Papaye, Accra
  +233 0302 760143, +233 24 3925110

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Full Time
18 May, 2021
Job Title

Dispatch Rider

Job Location
Job Presentation

  • Job: Dispatch Rider
  • Function: Deliveries and Pick ups
  • Department: Logistics
  • Level: OS2
  • Direct Manager: Logistics Manager


  • Responsible for driving/riding Advans Ghana Savings and Loans cars/motorbike, as well as for ensuring the proper maintenance of these cars/motorbikes
  • Bills Payment
  • Letter Box Management
  • Dispatch of items like : Cheque books, Client card, Client Forms etc from back office to all branches


  • Drive Advans Ghana cars / motor bikes
  • Car / Motor bike Maintenance
  • Generic Activities

  • Drive Advans Ghana cars/motor bikes according to management policy.
  • Fill Logbook on every driving/riding trip made
  • Ensure the car/motor bike maintenance by doing routine checks (brakes, wires, cables, tyres
  • status)
  • Cleaning of the cars/motor bikes
  • Regular maintenance in relation with suppliers: to ensure that filters, other basic appliancesare checked regularly and replaced in a timely manner, and that motor oil, other levels (brake liquid, cooling fluid, water etc.) are as per the cars/motors’ manufacturers standards
  • To inform immediately his supervisor about any existing or potential problem with one of the
  • car/motorbikes
  • To ensure that car/motorbike documentation (insurance, vehicle license) are up to date
  • To inform in advance when fuel tank is about to be empty and to fill the tank
  • Challenges on the Job

  • Other Unqualified road users that might cause accident
  • Interpersonal Relations

    Internal relations

  •  Immediate superior: Logistics Manager
  •  Internal clients: Peer drivers/ Branch staff / Head Office
  •  Peers: Colleague Drivers
  • External relations

  •  Clients
  •  Suppliers / service providers
  •  Investors
  •  Company’s partners
  • Delegation Level

    Everyday business:( e.g. operating expenses, invoices, etc.)

  • Dispatching activities:
  • To pay or go for Bills where necessary
  • Dispatch of Hard Drive from IT department to Ashaiman branch twice a week
  • Dispatch of pay cheque to some of the suppliers
  • Dispatch of letters to BOG and other financial institutions
  • Take deliveries from other institutions to Advans Ghana
  • Purchase of Electricity Power
  • Go for Letters from postal box every week
  • Do collateral Registration at BOG At times
  • Make payment for flight booking for staffs
  • Career Path

    Horizontal mobility

  • What transfer to another function within the company is possible? At what grade?
  • Recovery Officer
  • Chief Driver
  • Vertical mobility(within the same department/function)

  • What are the decisive criteria to move up to a higher position?
  • Demonstrate analytical skills
  • Command over written and spoken English
  • Demonstrate leadership competence
  • Requirements
    • Education
    • At least Senior High School Certificate
    • Diploma is a plus
    • Specific Training Required
    • Defensive Driving Skills
    • Fleet Maintenance and Management
    • Required experience (work field and number of years)
    •  Minimum of two years Riding experience
    •  Having a driving skill with required license will be an added advantage
    • Education: Secondary School Level
    Valid Till
    15 Jun, 2021

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