Job vacancy Consultant (Terms of Reference - Improvement of Tamanaa Broken Rice lend and Kedan Maize)

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18 May, 2021
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Consultant (Terms of Reference - Improvement of Tamanaa Broken Rice lend and Kedan Maize)

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Terms of Reference - Improvement of Tamanaa Broken Rice lend and Kedan Maize  1.0 BackgroundSNV is an International Development Organisation that provides Capacity Development Services to local institutions and organizations in more than 30 developing countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe.  Under SNV’s Agriculture Sector is the current phase of the 2SCALE program, which is runs from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2023 and is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Directorate-General for International Cooperation (DGIS). The program was awarded to a consortium of partners comprising the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC), the Base-of-the-Pyramid Innovation Center (BoPInc) and the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV). 2SCALE incubates and accelerates inclusive businesses through partnerships with companies. these companies can be African/Dutch small- and medium-sized enterprises [SMEs] and producer organizations (POs) that want to build commercially viable strategies in African food value chains through sustainable sourcing, based on mutually beneficial relations with smallholder farmers and other local micro, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). This is to serve local and regional Base-of-the-Pyramid (BoP) markets with nutritious food products.  Specifically, 2SCALE supports partnerships with significant potential to improve the terms of inclusion of smallholder farmers and other MSMEs in targeted food value chains, to attract and employ the youth, to engage and empower women, and to improve food and nutrition security. Local networks, also called agribusiness clusters (ABCs), are instrumental to the 2SCALE program to ensure better access to services and strengthen innovative and bargaining capacities of smallholder farmers.  1.1 Organizational Background & Problem Brief - TAMANAATamanaa is a limited liability company involved in the production and marketing of rice. It also produces rice blend from broken rice arising from rice milling. They operate through a farmer contract scheme, where smallholder farmers are supported with inputs and good agronomic practices as well as a ready market for the produced rice. It also sources paddy rice (perfume variety – AGRA) from its own rice farms and from other farmers outside their network where necessary. Tamanaa works with over 4,000 smallholder farmers (SHFs) and about 1,500 rural women rice parboilers. Tamanaa was initially producing at 20tons/day capacity. It has recently established a state-of-the art rice milling factory with a daily production capacity of 120tons/day. Tamanaa currently has a blend formulation produced from broken rice from milling and groundnut as basic constituents, with rice forming large part of the component. The blend quality in terms of taste, constituents and texture needs further attention. The packaging is in its basic form – sachet with sticker label. It is however not competitive in terms of similar products within the blend market in Ghana. The product appeal in its current state and form may need to be improved to fit in the standards of similar blends on the Ghanaian market. 1.2 Organizational Background & Problem Brief – KEDANKEDAN is a limited liability company located in Tumu and engaged in the processing of maize into flour and grit for sale on limited commercial scale in Ghana. Its original mandate (still on-going) and business model was the production of maize grit for sale to Guinness Ghana Limited under contractual sales terms. KEDAN intends to add more value to its line of products and open up to market opportunities in order to ensure business sustenance going forward. KEDAN also support farmers to produce maize and buy from them. It also sources maize from other farmers scattered across the Tumu area and its environs. Based on consumer feedback gathered from market activations conducted in various markets in Accra, KEDAN will like to improve on its maize grit formulation from its basic form into a more rich, tasty and nutritiously enhanced formulation. The KED Grit brand is a mere maize grit and very fundamental in its current form. Consumer feedback points to an urgent need to improve the core product formulation to make it quite competitive in the market. There were also complains about the quality of the paper packaging (Skillet). It was not strong and had poor and dull colouration. Beyond the skillet, KEDAN will like to explore other competitive packaging (on basis of being cost effective and technically feasible as a package) that can enable it to target various tier of consumers, especially the low incomes in Ghana. 1.3 Purpose and Objective of the Research ConsultancyThe fundamental aim of this consultancy is to formulate a competitive, consumer centric and appealing product that is also nutritiously standardized. The consultancy therefore aims to achieve the following in line with a re-focus agenda of Tamanaa and KEDAN as part of its product and market development towards competitiveness.

  • An improved formulation of maize grit beyond the current form that will be accepted by potential consumers in terms of form, core content, taste and external appeal (packaging).
  • An improved broken rice blend free from dirt, richly blended with other nutritious ingredients available in the North and meet the consumer litmus test of acceptability and willingness to purchase.
  • 2.0 Scope of the Research Consultancy 2.1 Broken Rice Blend Improvement – Tamanaa Ghana Limited
  • Based on critical observation (physical and chemical analysis) of current product, determine and document any observable lapses and develop scientific solutions for them.
  • Based on analysis and findings on the current product, develop (3) solid formulations, paying particular attention to positive effects on final formulated variants – taste, total nutrients appreciations, smell and appeal, including packaging.
  • Research and document potential non-chemical constituents that is available in Northern Ghana and can be integrated as part of the formulation with high potentials.
  • Categorize (cereals & spices) potential formulation constituents for use in the product formulation improvement on the basis of physical and chemical properties.
  • Produce three (3) potent formulation variants based on constituents properties and sensory analysis feedback.
  • Conduct sensory test of the developed formulation on (minimum 25 participants) potential consumers to ascertain its appearance, smell, taste, consistency and general acceptability.
  • Support all physical, chemical, sensory and other essential (nutrient) analysis deemed appropriate by consultant with evidence of documentation.
  • Provide detail chemical properties appropriate and as per certification requirements for each of the (3) variants.
  • Propose alternative packaging that is competitive, appealing and technically feasible for such a product.
  • 2.2 Maize Grit Improvement – KEDAN Ghana Limited
  • Based on critical observation (physical and chemical analysis) of current product, determine and document any observable lapses and develop scientific solutions for them.
  • Innovatively propose complimentary constituents that can be added to the current fundamental grit product to improved it on the basis of consumer acceptability and nutritional content appreciation.
  • Develop (3) potent formulation variants and justify its potential acceptability by consumers and nutrient upgrade via documented analysis (sensory & nutrients).
  • Propose alternative packaging that is competitive, appealing and technically feasible for such a product.
  • Conduct nutrient analysis of formulations.
  • 3.0 Methodology The Consultant is expected to apply an appropriate and relevant methodology - both qualitative and quantitative methods that will result in well formulated blend variants for sensory testing. The tools and methodology will be developed in consultation with the Business Champion, and 2SCALE. The consultant will be expected to justify the choice of methodology in the final report. The Consultant is expected to take all appropriate measures to ensure the confidentiality of the respondents participating in the sensory study. It is a priority that the consultant observes strictly COVID-19 protocols as per the government of Ghana’s directives in the conduct of the assignment.

    5.0 Deliverables




    Deadline (2021)


    Deadline for proposal submission


    28th May


    Evaluation and Contracting


    1st – 7th June


    Submission of research workplan (Agreement on research design & framework)


    10th June


    Agreement on research instrumentation


    13th June


    1st report – Lab work, Data capturing and validation

    Excel / Word

    13th July


    2nd report – Initial draft report & review comments


    31st July


    Final research report

    Word / PDF

    5th August


    Presentation of research findings to 2SCALE, Tamanaa & KEDAN management.

    Word & PowerPoint

    7th to 9th August


    Itinerary, Schedule and Level of Effort (LOE)

    # Task

    Itinerary or base

    Timeframe (2021)

    LOE (days)


    Finalization of research design/framework and instrumentation.

    10-13 June



    Lab Work, Data capturing & reporting.

    13th June to 13th July



    Initial research draft report & review comments.

    20th July



    Submission of final research report.

    31st July to 5th August



    Presentation of research findings to 2SCALE, Tamanaa & KEDAN management. 

    7th to 9th August




    Additionally, the following specific outcomes are expected of the consulting organization:

  • The development of (3) broken rice based cereal blend formulations targeting low income consumers in Ghana with their respective nutrient analysis. 
  • The development of (3) maize grit based cereal blend formulations targeting low income consumers in Ghana with their respective nutrient analysis
  • Conduct a sensory test on (25) low income consumers based on the (6) formulations.
  • Recommend (2) of the formulations based on consumer feedback to Faranaya for commercial business as per sensory analysis outcomes each for Tamanaa and KEDAN.
  • 6.0    ReportingFollowing this brief, a research proposal will be required. We would be pleased to discuss this written brief by email or telephone to clarify any issue. When the assignment is underway, we would like to be involved in the research process and agree in advance on all materials and contents developed for executing the research.  We would need regular interim progress reports throughout the conduct of the assignment.A formal presentation of the research findings will be required, supported by a final written document. 2SCALE expects outcomes to be captured in the following formats: 
  • A report in PowerPoint on the research findings for consultant presentation
  • Final report to Tamanaa and KEDAN in word format.
  • Include visuals (Pictures & Graphics/Diagrams) in the reports
  • We expect the proposal to show a detail breakdown of consultants anticipated cost for the assignment.   7.0   DurationThis assignment is expected to be carried out within the period of early June through to mid-August, 2021. The consultant will be required to work for a total of forty-nine (49) man days within the consultancy period. 8.0   CommunicationThe consultant will work with the assigned 2Scale Marketing Specialist.   

    • 4.0 General Experience and Competences NeededThe consulting organization should generally have conducted similar work in food formulation with focus on cereal blends in Ghana. It should demonstrate satisfactory knowledge of low income or base of pyramid consumers in terms of food requirement and needs. Key staff of the consulting organization should demonstrate evidence of experience in indigenous product development, food analysis and small-scale food production establishment and operation.
    • 4.1 Specific Competences
    • Evidence of experience of having conducted similar assignment.
    • Deep knowledge of Maize/Rice and other nutrient rich cereals and local spices.
    • Appreciable knowledge of small-scale blend food establishment and commercial sales in Ghana.
    • Education: Qualified
    Valid Till
    17 Jun, 2021 (2 days left)

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