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59 Okodan St, Blue Gate district, Osu, Accra near Papaye, Accra
  +233 0302 760143, +233 24 3925110

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Job Type
Job Status
Full Time
21 September, 2021
Job Title

Branch Manager

Job Presentation

  • Expiry date for applications: 30th September 2021 (Close of business)
  • Working hours: Daily 8h00 till 17h00 or as required to fulfill one’s responsibilities.
  •  General DescriptionThe Branch Manager shall be directly managing the day-to-day operations of the Branch. He/she will be coordinating allocated resources to achieve all business and non-business objectives agreed with Senior Management. Business DevelopmentResponsible for:
  • analyzing the market environment (external market), available internal resources and propose a business plan for key business lines such as Payroll, Car4Cash, deposits and other transactions for consideration and approval by the Area Manager and respective business department heads.
  • frequently assessing local market developments to identify opportunities and threats and taking proactive steps to minimize threats and harness opportunities with an approach consistent with institutional policies.
  • developing and implementing branch specific strategies to realize growth targets for Payroll, Car4Cash and Savings.
  • assisting the Area Manager in terms of developing and implementing effective marketing and advertising strategies.
  • ensuring uptake and usage of all new services; mobile banking and any services to be introduced in the future.
  • ensuring that all files are activated within 24 hours after disbursement.
  • Where applicable, the Branch Manager is achieving both the Independent Sales Executive and “walk-in” component of the branch target set.
  • maintaining adequate loan quality controls at the application stage.
  • the execution of the company’s credit policy at the application stage.
  • performing other ad-hoc business development task assigned by management.
  • Cash and Non-Cash Operations Management

    Responsible for :

  • supervising all cash operations to ensure strict adherence to vault and cash box policies and procedures.
  • liaising with the Finance Department to ensure adequate liquidity for cash operations.
  • performing monthly cash-count in vault for the Branch.
  • performing all end -of- day controls in accordance with the relevant policies.
  • performing tasks related to confirmation and approval of specific transactions.
  • Staff Management and Development

    Responsible for:

  • directly supervising and managing the work of all staff in the branch.
  • developing a reliable database for the management of staff (staff at post, transfers, leaves and ad-hoc absences etc.).
  • ensuring that all staff have the right attitude, skills and knowledge to perform assigned duties.
  • identifying the training needs of staff and liaising with the Human Resource department for the needed capacity building and assist in training new and existing staff.
  • liaising with the relevant departments to ensure that staff capacity (ability and numbers) is commensurate with demand and market potential.
  • coaching and developing staff to perform their roles well.
  • building a team of high performing staff.
  • sustaining staff motivation and performance.
  • Responsible  for  ensuring  (through  communication  and  good  example)  that  staff  live  the Company’s corporate values always.
  • giving regular and timely feedback to staff on attitude, skills and knowledge in relation to their work.
  • taking timely and appropriate disciplinary measures in accordance with the Human Resource manual.
  • carrying out regular staff appraisals and feedback according to the Human Resource manual.
  • holding regular meetings with staff to update them on institutional developments.
  • all administrative and sales staff specific to manager’s allocated branch and their success as a team in terms of exceeding sales targets.
  • driving the sales force of all Independent Sales Executives (where applicable), recruitment, training, and retention thereof and for the success of the sales targets that will be set.
  • Where applicable, the implementation of regular “refresher training” on an ongoing basis to ensure ISEs are constantly up to date with any changes in policies.
  • Customer Care and Relationship Management

    Responsible for:

  • collaborating with relevant departments to ensure that workflows, processes, structures, and set-up in the banking halls support efficient service delivery
  • monitoring service delivery levels to ensure a consistent match between actual service delivery and agreed institutional standards.
  • ensuring that all staff deliver good quality services to all clients
  • leading and developing a strong sense of client orientation amongst all staff in the branch
  • ensuring the effective implementation of service recovery initiatives to ensure that clients complaints are effectively addressed.
  • effectively segmenting clients and directly managing key accounts in the portfolio to achieve high client retention levels
  • Compliance, Security and Controls

    Responsible for:

  • ensuring that all staff comply with relevant institutional policies, processes and procedures.
  • ensuring that staff are well informed and trained to implement policies, processes and procedures.
  • ensuring full implementation of all recommendations of audit, compliance and other management reports.
  • Information Management

    Responsible for:

  • ensuring timely dissemination of institutional decisions and general communication to staff (memos, circulars, minutes of meetings, etc.)
  • keeping a database (hard and soft copies) of all official communication.
  • coordinating communication between head-office and branch.
  • providing management with relevant information on external and internal developments.
  • Logistics Management, Security and Outlook

    Responsible for:

  • liaising with relevant departments to ensure that staff have the needed logistics to work.
  • ensuring the Branch is always kept clean and tidy.
  • ensuring proper maintenance, good housekeeping as well as safe custody of all company property
  • supervising the work of outsourced auxiliary staff such as security personnel and cleaners and liaise with the relevant departments for replacements if their performance is unsatisfactory.
  • managing key protocols of the branch and ensure strict compliance with all security policies
  • coordinating the effective utilization of all logistics allocated to the branch
  • Reporting

  • Responsible for preparing and submit monthly reports on business, operations and other standard reports to Area Managers and Senior management
  • Requirements
    • Education: HND / Degree
    Valid Till
    20 Oct, 2021

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