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59 Okodan St, Blue Gate district, Osu, Accra near Papaye, Accra
  +233 0302 760143, +233 24 3925110

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16 October, 2021
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  • To provide a comprehensive and quality pharmaceutical services and care to patients/clients in the hospital.
  • Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide quality pharmaceutical care to clients in the health facility in accordance with the standards of Pharmaceutical care and accompanying Standard Operations¬† Procedures (SOPs) and Guidance for Pharmaceutical Services .
  • Provide medicines information, advice and counseling services to other health staff and patients/clients to enhance therapeutic outcomes.
  • Ensure the safe and secure storage and handling of medicine in the hospital.
  • Promote the activities of Drug and Theropeutic Committee (DTC) and Rational Use of Medicines (RUM) in the hospital .
  • Ensure that quality, safe, efficacious and affordable pharmaceutical products and devices are supplied to patients/clients.
  • Ensure the efficient collection, stprage, processing and utilization of of data in pharmacy to inform management and clinical care decisions.
  • Undertake central intravenous additives services in accordance with the level of care in the hospital.
  • Manufacture of sterile and non-sterile products and reconstitution of drugs for both in-patients and out-patients of the hospital.
  • To participate in approved operationl research in pharmaceutical care with a view disseminating the results.
  • Participate in provision of clinical/ward pharmacy services with healthcare team in the hospital.
  • Apply appropraite store keeping techniques for ensuring constant availability of medicines.
  • To ensure optimal storage conditions of all drugs.
  • Report on Adverse Drugs Reactions using apprpraite forms
  • Requirements
    • Qualifications, Knowledge, and ExperienceDoctor of Pharmacy/Degree in Pharmacy ad a registered Pharmaciest plus at least one(1) year internship.
    • Skils and Personal Attribute
    • Excellent written and verbal communications skills.
    • Ability to work, lead and manage a multi-disciplinary team
    • Ability to organize workload, work under pressure to meet tight deadlines
    • Excellent problem-solving skills.
    • Demonstrate flexibility and a methodological approach to work.
    • Ability to take initiative and influence others positively.¬†
    • Education: B.Pharm or M.Sc. degree in Pharmacy
    Valid Till
    27 Oct, 2021

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