Job vacancy Biomedical Engineer

59 Okodan St, Blue Gate district, Osu, Accra near Papaye, Accra
  +233 0302 760143, +233 24 3925110

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16 October, 2021
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Biomedical Engineer

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Job Purpose 

To ensure availability of funcnonal equipment which arc maximally applied for their intended purposes in the hospital

Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Implement and ensure compliance of the equipment policy 
  • Develop devices to support patient care 
  • Implement procedures, protocols and standards for maintenance program 
  • Disseminate guidelines on the appropriate use of equipment
  • Carry out assessment on the equipment and draw up replacement program 
  • Evaluation of technical proposals on equipment acquisitions 
  • Provide equipment specification for acquisition 
  • Prepare the annual equipment procurement plan 
  • Prepare schedules and supervise installation, servicing and repairs of equipment 
  • Advise on appropriate use and lifespan of the equipment 
  • Develop, maintain and keep database and inventory of all the equipment related supplies and instruments in the hospital 
  • Draw up preventive maintenance schedules for the equipment
  • Carry out assessment from time to time to determine the validity of equipment on the maintenance program 
  • Monitor, supervise and advise on maintenance activities
  • Perform any other official duty that may be assigned 
  • Phyically fit and capable of undertaking strenuous duties 


    • BSc Biomedical Engineering/Medical Electronics/Clnical Engineering or Equivalent and at least ONE (1) year internship or national service in a recogmzed hospital. 
    • Skills and Personal Attributes
    • Demonstrate hands on experience in maintenance of medical equipment 
    • Knowledge in instrumenration 
    • Knowledge in physiology and anatomy 
    • Knowledge in radiation etc 
    • Understanding of clinical environment, 
    • Report writing skills 
    • Mechanical aptitude and eye/hand coordination 
    • Interest in learning to work on new and/or upgraded equipment 
    • Accuracy and attention to detail 
    • Ability to move from one place to another easily 
    • Physically fit and capable of undertaking strenuous duties 
    • Education: BSc
    Valid Till
    27 Oct, 2021

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