Job vacancy Deputy Director, Policy, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

59 Okodan St, Blue Gate district, Osu, Accra near Papaye, Accra
  +233 0302 760143, +233 24 3925110

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Full Time
16 October, 2021
Job Title

Deputy Director, Policy, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

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Job Purpose 

Provide direction and advice in the formulation of KATH policies, plans, budgets, monitoring and evaluation of the Hospital

Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Contribute to the development of policies and guidelines to govern the Hospital 
  • Ensure that current and prospective donors to the hospital have access to information about the policies of the Hospital and its priority needs
  • Lead in the formulation of strategic plans, and other related documents 
  • Carry out trends assessment on progress in implementing key policies and programmes 
  • Translate policies into operational and strategic plans 
  • Develop strategies for engaging the private sector and other sectors in achieving the goals of the Hospital 
  • Coordinate the preparation of short term (annual), and medium term plans and synthesise these plans into an integrated long-term development plan of tlle hospital 
  • Develop indicators tor monitoring health plans 
  • Review and develop health-financing strategies 
  • Translate operational policies and obiectives into proposals for funding 
  • Prepare and update guidelines for planing at the directorate levels 
  • Collaborate with the Finance Department to develop and update guidelines for budgeting 
  • Analyse trends in the allocation and disbursment of funds within the hospital. 
  • Develop specific performance indicators and contracts for directorate/units consistent with the hospital objectives
  • Ensure that the activities ofthe hospital are well documented and relevant information disseminated by coordinating the publication of annual reports and other periodic reports 
  • Collaborate with all directorates/units to set up health and management information system for planning, monitoring and evaluation 
  • Monitor the implementation of hospital plans, the utilisation of hospital resources and the attainment of targets 
  • Design and apply monitoring and evaluation systems and tools for purposes of assessing the operational effectiveness of policies and programme 

    • Senior Health Professional 
    • Postgraduate qualification in Health Policy, Planning and Financing or retared fleW (Masters Degree or equivalent) 
    • A minimum of Five (5) years working experience at Senior level. 
    • Evidence of leadership and Continuing Professional Development and training in Health Management 
    • A broad knowledge base and experience of MOH/KATH policies and operating procedures 
    • Knowledge and experience in policy, planning, monitoring and Evaluation 
    • Skills, Abilities and Personal Qualities
    • Excellent written and communication skills 
    • Ability to work, lead and manage a multi-disciplinary team 
    • Ability to organize and manage workload, work under pressure to meet tight deadlines 
    • Demonstrated ability to work on own initiative 
    • Computer skill
    • Excellent problem-solving skills 
    • Initiative drive 
    • Self-disciplined 
    • Emotional stability 
    • Innovativeness 
    • Integrity 
    • Education: Master’s Degree
    Valid Till
    27 Oct, 2021

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