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BusinessGhana, C 532/2 Afram Street, Asylum Down, Tema
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Full Time
23 Aug, 2019
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Van Sales Officer

Job Location
Tema, Tema, Greater Accra
Job Presentation
Prepare daily replenishment stock order sheet.  Loading of the Van Sales vehicle.  Ensure products as prepared for loading are counted and reconciled against order sheet.  Ensure truck is connected to standby power and is running correctly and holding temperature.
Pack and load all stock off replenishment for delivery runs. Handle stock with care. Sales  Complete a programme of customer sales visits as defined by run sheets.  Communicate special prices and marketing campaigns to customers.  Explaining and selling new stock lines to customers.  Liaise with Purchasing Manager to ensure all products required by customers are in stock and available.  Listen to and follow up customer complaints and queries until resolved.  Accurately invoice customers in the manner prescribed by the company, always double checking to ensure 100% accuracy.  Where manual dockets are used these are to be filled in properly and correctly and handed to the administration manager for processing at the end of the day.  Copies of manual invoices-delivery dockets to be returned to Admin Manager at end of run for processing.
Customer Service
 Assist customers with placement of stock on delivery.  Provide customers with contact name for follow-up enquiries.  Maintain a customer call list with up to date telephone contacts so run can be covered by Telemarketers in the event of your absence for any reason.  Be polite and courteous at all times.  Be tidy and presentable taking pride in uniform provided.  Manage all customers stock levels and needs correctly to ensure after hours call outs are minimal  To attend to after hours call outs as required by the customers Driving  maintain schedules of delivery and keep within timetables  handle company stock with care  collect and account for cash on COD deliveries following the company cash handling policy  record deliveries, cash and stock returns on Driver’s run sheet and Requests for Credit as required by the company policy  Take responsibility for assigned truck. Notify the company wen service and other maintenance is required. Notify the company of any accidents or damage to the vehicle.  Present yourself for work in clean and tidy clothes that are in line with the company policy on Driver uniforms  Deal with the company’s customers in a courteous and respectful manner  Have a current drivers licence applicable for the vehicle you drive Stock Credits  Stock credits are not to be issued to customers unless authorised by the Admin Manager.  If stock is to be returned a full credit request is to be issued to the customer with explanation of reason. The original copy to be left with customer.  Stock returns accompanied by copy of credit requests are to be signed in by the Inventory Controller / Warehouse Manager or an authorised Warehouse Supervisor, without exception, immediately on your return.  No action may be taken with stock returned until authorisation for its handling is made by the Warehouse Manager and in his absence the Inventory Control Supervisor.
Food Safety
 As per your Employment Agreement, ensure that you maintain the highest levels of food safety by ensuring that all frozen and chilled goods are placed in cold storage as a priority. All stock must be stored up off the floor.  Observe Company policies on personal hygiene, wounds and infectious illnesses  Ensure that the highest levels of food safety are maintained - As per the food safety guidelines defined in the HACCP manual, handle company stock with care which includes the monitoring of product temperature whilst in the delivery vehicle - Keep delivery vehicle clean and tidy in accordance with company cleaning policies - Observe the Company’s policy on wounds, Infectious illnesses and personal hygiene  Record Temperature reading of refrigerated body on run sheets 3 times during shift.  Follow instructions of Compliance Supervisor in relation to Food Safety Programme (HACCP). Health and Safety  Perform daily equipment and machinery safety checks as required before use. Advise your Supervisor of any damaged or faulty equipment immediately.  Follow instructions in relation to Health and Safety issued by Compliance Supervisor.  Adhere to Health and Safety rules outlined in your Employment Agreement. Stock  Ensure all stock is rotated by adhering to the first in first out policy (FIFO).  Monitor stock expiry dates and ensure stock is sold prior to expiry.  Report all damaged and any out of date stock to the Warehouse Manager for a decision as to disposal.  Assist with the Company stocktakes, including recounts.  Complete monthly stocktakes of van stock. Other  Check daily critical fluid levels in the truck you are using i.e. Oil Water Fuel and report immediately to Warehouse Manager any maintenance that is required.  Complete proper and timely paperwork relating to your duties as directed by the General Manager.  To perform other tasks not already defined in this job description as directed by the General Manager, where these tasks reasonably relate to the duties already detailed. Key Performance Indicators  Effectiveness of relationships with customers.  Accuracy of ordering and reconciling Van Stock.  Accuracy of deliveries.  Product knowledge.  Compliance with food safety requirements.  Continuity of health and safety checks.  Perceptions of teamwork by other personnel with functional relationships.  Contribution to achievement of goals within overall group and Company.
  • Higher National Diploma
  • Working Experience: 1 - 3 Years
  • Education: Higher National Diploma
Valid Till
29 Aug, 2019

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