Job vacancy Consultancy to Conduct Capacity Building on Resource Mobilization, and to Develop a Resource Mobilization Strategy

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06 August, 2022
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Consultancy to Conduct Capacity Building on Resource Mobilization, and to Develop a Resource Mobilization Strategy

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The Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana (PPAG), is an NGO and a member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). PPAG, a leading provider of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) education, information and services in Ghana,in close collaboration with OXFAM, hereby invites result-oriented and committed persons to apply for the following vacant position to be filled in the Association.



1.0 Background
The Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana (PPAG) is a leading, volunteer-supported, grassroots-based, nonpartisan and rights-based CSworking in the field of Sexual Reproduction Health and Rights (SRHR) in Ghana, and is a member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). The association works tcomplement efforts in-country and across the African region in the provision of SRHR information and services tthe general population, particularly adolescents, women, and alstvulnerable groups, including persons living with disability.

Since 2021, PPAG with support from Rutgers International and the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) has been implementing a specialized program called ‘The Centers of Excellence’. The program seeks timprove the quality of young people’s reproductive health and rights across the Africa region through a unique collaborative mechanism. This is being executed in a two-pronged approach: the first is increasing uptake of quality youth-centred SRH services, that take gender and human rights intaccount; the second component is the strengthening of available support, knowledge and expertise timprove the lives of young people in English speaking West Africa region. The program offers a unique opportunity tconsolidate technical expertise and disseminate contextual best practices on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) and youth-friendly services.

PPAG over the period has provided comprehensive technical support tsix (6) other IPPF member associations in the area of youth programming. The collaboration has generated extensive innovative ideas and potential interventions across the region, however, there is inadequate funding and resource support tactualize them. This has been linked tlow capacity and skill, and a lack of information on funding sources. Taddress this concern as a Center of Excellence, PPAG in collaboration with the partner stakeholders seeks tdevelop a resource mobilization strategy and conduct training for the participating MAs. The objective of this initiative is tprovide a strategic direction on resource mobilization for the programme while improving skills and competencies within the MAs in the development of and sourcing of funding.

2.0 Objective of Consultancy
PPAG is seeking an individual/organization tlead the process of developing a comprehensive resource mobilization strategy and tdeliver quality capacity building tselected beneficiaries.

The specific focus of the consultancy will reflect the needs and context of PPAG, and its six (6) partner member associations from Sierra Leone, Botswana, Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda and Zambia. A conceptualization framework which details the contextual needs and challenges of each of the consortium members has been developed. This will be shared after the consultant has been formally recruited. /

3.0 Expected Outcomes

  • Improved knowledge and skill in resource mobilization; including proposal compilation
  • A resource mobilization strategy developed and applied across the Africa region
  • An adaptable proposal developed, validated, and disseminated
  • 4.0 Tasks and Deliverables

    The consultant will deliver the following:

  • Develop a learner’s guide/manual on resource mobilization for the CoE program
  • Conduct training for an estimated 25 beneficiaries on resource mobilization.
  • Develop an adaptable proposal for funding support based on the youth programs conceptualization framework
  • Develop templates tgather information on country needs and provisions
  • Analyse information gathered from countries
  • Develop a mapping framework tguide the proposal development
  • Develop a resource mobilization strategy document for the CoE program
  • Develop a comprehensive action plan timplement the resource mobilization strategy across the CoE program
  • 5.0 Schedule
    The proposed schedule for the consultancy is as follows:






    Recruit Consultant





    Submission of final proposal by consultant





    Develop pre-training workshop documents and templates





    Engagement with participants on pre-training assignments





    Submission of conceptual mapping for proposal writing





    Participate in workshop – onsite


    10th – 17th



    Submission of the first draft of the adaptable proposal



    • 7.0 Consultant’s Qualifications and Requirements
    • The lead consultant is expected to have the following qualifications:
    • An advanced degree (minimum of a master’s degree) from a recognized university in Public Health, Health Economics, Business Administration, Development Studies, International Development, Planning, or any related field.
    • At least 10 years’ progressive experience in the development sector in fundraising, resource mobilization, partnership building, and proposal writing.
    • Experience raising funds for SRHR-related development initiatives
    • Excellent knowledge and understanding of resource mobilization methodologies.
    • Good understanding of the SRHR context in the Africa region.
    • Fluency in English is required. Knowledge of French is an advantage.
    • The consultant or firm should provide the following in their application:
    • CVs of key personnel who will be involved in the assessment.
    • Evidence of similar assignments conducted within the last 3 years, including references. This should be captured in a table with the following headings: title of project/assessment; total amount of resources mobilized; total budget; scope (geographic); subject area; and duration.
    • Proof of resources mobilized in the development sector
    • Technical Proposal – detailed methodology, including schedule. (max. 4 pages)
    • Financial Proposal – Budget should include all expected cost e.g. Accommodation, Travels, meals etc. The budget should also indicate the requisite national tax provisions (where applicable).
    • Tax Clearance Certificate and Company Registration documents (if applicable).
    • Education: PhD/MPhil
    Valid Till
    4 Sep, 2022 (25 days left)

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