Job vacancy Tor - Consultancy to Develop a Manual for Community Engagement on Migration Related Violent Extremism and Terrorism

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18 March, 2023
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Tor - Consultancy to Develop a Manual for Community Engagement on Migration Related Violent Extremism and Terrorism

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Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism and Terrorism (PCVET) requires an emphasis on dialogue, cooperation, and partnerships between relevant state actors and non-state actors. The term “whole-of-society approach” is now commonly used in international discussions around PCVET to recognize the insufficiencies of government-only approaches and the key contributions of non-governmental actors. 
 Recognising the above, the government through the Minister of National Security did indicate in a meeting organised jointly by Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) and the International Centre for Migrations Policy Development (ICMPD) to launch a 22-month project titled Prevention and Countering Violent Extremism and Terrorism: The role of Civil Society and the Private Sector that government was open to the “whole-of-society approach” in solving the problem of migration related violent extremism and terrorism which is raining havoc to the country’s neighbours (Burkina Faso, Mali and Nigeria). 
 The objective of the project is to contribute to an effective, transparent and accountable border security management architecture in Ghana. The project is being implemented in 5 border communities which include Paga, Hamile, Aflao, Elubo and Ashaiman. The project is funded by the European Union through ICMPD. ObjectiveThe Objective of this assignment is to engage a Consultant to develop a manual for community engagement on migration related violent extremism and terrorism. The manual will provide guidance on how to effectively engage with communities on the issues of violent extremism and terrorism which are not only internal but migration related.
 ScopeThe manual will cover best practices for engaging communities on issues of building trust, fostering dialogue, and promoting resilience. It will also provide guidance on how to identify and address potential risks and challenges associated with community engagement in violent extremism and terrorism.
 AudienceThe intended audience for this manual is community leaders, civil society organizations and other stakeholders involved in preventing and countering violent extremism and terrorism at the local level.
 FormatThe manual will be a practical guide, with clear and concise information presented in a user-friendly format. It will include a mix of text, graphics, and illustrations of key concepts and provide guidance on implementing effective community engagement strategies.
 MethodologyThe manual will be developed through a combination of desk research, consultations with experts and practitioners, and field testing with selected communities.
 Duration of ContractThe assignment will start immediately after the contract is signed. The number of days for this assignment is 15 working days. Within this period, the Consultant is to ensure the completion of all deliverables. Deliverables
  • Detailed work plan for assignment developed
  • Draft manual ready for review
  • Presentation at a Review session of key stakeholders
  • The final deliverable will be a print and digital version of the manual, as well as a presentation summarizing the manual

    • Education: Advanced Degree
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    31 Mar, 2023 (1 days left)

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