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59 Okodan St, Blue Gate district, Osu, Accra near Papaye, Accra

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20 September, 2019
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Learning and Development Officer

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HPW Fresh and Dry Ltd is a fruit processing company. HPW is synonymous with fresh from harvest fruit, crisp and crunchy vegetables from Africa and Asia. We develop stand-alone products for our customers that meet the most exacting quality standards and offer maximum availability - for wholesalers and retailers, as well as for the food industry.

  • Department: Human Resources
  • Reports To: HR Manager
  • Location: Onsite at HPW Fresh and Dry Ltd, Adeiso, E/R.
  •  Job PurposeTo coordinate and support the development and delivery of effective learning & development programs and organisational development initiatives. Key Responsibilities and Duties
  • Coordinates the development, delivery and evaluation of staff learning and development programs and the implementation of an annual corporate training plan and budget. 
  • Monitors regularly to ensure training and development policies and procedures are applied fairly and uniformly throughout the company
  • Identify training and development needs within the organisation through job analysis, appraisal schemes and regular consultation with Line managers 
  • Coordinates the preparation of and execution of annual training programmes 
  • Designs training and development programmes based on the needs of the organisation 
  • Consider the costs of planned programmes and keep within budgets
  • Plan and assess the 'return on investment' of any training or development programme
  • Liaises with Departmental Heads and supervisors to prepare orientation programmes for new staff and co-ordinates the execution of such programmes.
  • Develops and implement systems for evaluating the effectiveness of training and development programmes
  • Liaises with departmental heads on career development programmes for key staff and follow up regularly to ensure that such programmes are on track
  • Provision of data for Free Zone reporting on trainings on quarterly basis
  • Prepares training bonds for staff who are sponsored for trainings
  • Develops vocational trainings program in cooperation with KNUST or other institutions related to the below:
  • Food processing and technology
  • Agriculture
  • Plant technicians
  • Prepares and deliver induction and refresher trainings on selected topics
  • Maintains database on training and development activities
  • Provides guidance to line managers to help them identify learning needs of staff
  • Monitors and reviews the progress of trainees through questionnaires and discussions with Line managers
  • Ensures that statutory training requirements are met
  • Evaluates training and development programmes and present quarterly reports to management
  • Amends and revise programmes as necessary, in order to adapt to changes occurring in the work environment
  • Assist line managers and trainers to solve specific training problems, either on a one-to-one basis or in groups
  • Administrates Learning Management System (LMS) and ensure systematic capture of corporate training records and data.
  • Designs and facilitates training sessions as and when necessary
  • Develops and coordinates “in-house” training sessions / programs.
  • Prepare Quarterly reports on training effectiveness.
  • Additional DutiesD/ Specific Duties in Regard to BRC issue 6 Global Standard for Food Safety
  • You shall assist the HR Manager in the fulfillment of the following clause in the standard: 7.1 Training
  • Departmental RelationsMaintains contact with departmental heads and other line managers/staff External RelationsMaintains contact with local training institutions, government departments, consultancy firms.

    • Education: University degree
    Valid Till
    31 Oct, 2019

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