Job vacancy Recovery Officer in Accra

Supreme Credit Management Ghana Company Limited
Jornaa street, Kinsby- Junction, Achimota., Accra
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Job Type
Temporary / Contract
Job Status
Full Time
10 Jun, 2019
Job Title

Recovery Officer

Job Location
Job Presentation
The Recovery Officer is responsible for the collection of debts prior to legal recovery proceedings commencing, negotiating payments/payment arrangements, handling debtor enquiries and provides administrative assistance to the team.
  • team player attidude
  • matured
  • Collect outstanding debts from clients and achieve collection target to ensure positive cash flow.
  • Maintain debtor’s book to ensure that the debt status is accurate and latest.
  • Develop reports on aged debt accounts and days sales outstanding (DSO) reports.
  • Monitor slow moving accounts to identify delinquent debts and take necessary action to recover the debts.
  • Offer 24×7 services to customers in prompt and accurate manner.
  • Post customers’ check and ensure timely credit transfer.
  • Review collection queue to perform collection activities accordingly.
  • Adhere to customer policies and procedures.
  • Close a specific number of collection accounts each month to meet assigned target.
  • Contact debtors and implement repayment schedules and terms.
  • Assist the company to take legal action against debtors by providing necessary information.
  • Maintain security and confidentiality of company and customer information.
  • Follow legal requirements during debt collections to avoid legal issues.
  • Attend educational programs for professional growth and skill development.

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