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24 October, 2020
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Technical Specialist - Gh-mofep-133800-cs-indv

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  •  BackgroundThe World Bank is providing funding support to the Government of Ghana (GOG) for the implementation of the Ghana Economic Transformation Project. The overall development objective of the Project is to promote private investments and firm growth in non-resource-based sectors. The guiding principle of the Project is to promote and strengthen a growth model that is conducive to economic transformation, to achieve higher rates of investment and productivity growth across the economy, especially in non-resource-based sectors. The Project has four components, as follows: 
  • Component 1 - Enabling investments: This component will focus on improving the enabling business environment, investment attraction capacity, and the quality infrastructure support system for companies that want to invest and grow their businesses in Ghana.
  • Component 2 - Crowding-in investments: Promoting spatial and industrial planning and development: This component will focus on enhancing the Government’s programs in investment promotion and spatial development (including Special Economic Zones), thereby addressing the constraint to access quality industrial land in the country.
  • Component 3 - Accelerating Entrepreneurship and Micro Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) growth: This component will support entrepreneurship and MSME growth in non-resource-based sectors, addressing specifically the limited development of the MSME and entrepreneurship support ecosystem, including early stage financing.
  • Component 4 – Project Management and Evaluation: This component will finance project management activities including fiduciary responsibilities, procurement, communication and dissemination, as well as monitoring and evaluation of project implementation and its impact. This will include capacity building for the Project Coordinating Unit (PCU), the Economic Transformation Unit and the Resource Mobilization and Economic Relations Division (RMERD) within the Ministry of Finance (MOF).

    Duties and Responsibilities of the Consultant 
    The Consultant will be required to provide technical support to the implementing agencies in charge of activities related to Project Component 1 of the said Project, which include the topics of business environment, in particular business registration, investment promotion and attraction, and certification and quality standards for business operations.  Key ministries and agencies involved in the implementation of this Component are the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI), Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) and the Registrar General Department (RGD). 

    Under the supervision of the Project Coordinator, the Consultant will undertake the following specific tasks:

  • Work with the relevant IAs and the PCU Team to plan and deliver on the objectives of the Project Component
  • Coordinate with partners and stakeholders for effective implementation of the Project. 
  • Oversee/monitor the implementation of the component activities and provide overall guidance to the implementing agencies in terms of technical implementation of the project activities
  • Provide expertise/technical support and strategic advice to the IAs in developing project implementation work plans and budgets 
  • Coordinate the preparation, monitoring and reporting on the execution of the overall procurement plan of the Component for the procurement of goods, consulting and non-consulting services consistent with procurement guidelines
  • Ensure timely and effective management of the Component 1 and implementation of all related activities listed in the Work Plan (WP)
  • Collect data, document the results of the Project and support the timely submission of accurate quarterly, annual and end of project activity progress/narrative reports and financial reports pertaining to the relevant IAs. 
  • Assist in drafting progress reports against agreed performance indicators
  • Participate in project coordination and peer review meetings with Project Team 
  • Assist the IAs in drafting the Technical ToRs relating to the Component for consultancy assignments
  • Review draft documents prepared by various experts and provide substantive actionable comments on draft documents produced to improve the quality, consistency and strategic contribution
  • Contribute to the analysis and drafting of excerpts of the technical documents, as needed 
  • Assist in facilitating workshops and consultations with beneficiaries, other consultants and institutions involved in project activities
  • Organize periodic (e.g. quarterly) meetings with key actors across Component 1 to assess progress, identify implementation constraints, and recommend remedial actions
  • Contribute and provide inputs into the reports to be generated by the IAs
  • Identify lessons learned and best practices from the project implementation process and provide necessary support for improving the GETP activities at all levels; and
  • Provide other guidance upon request.
  • Duration of Assignment
    The expert will be contracted for an initial period of 24months. The assignment may however, be extended on an annual basis if the Consultant performs well in her/his tasks and responsibilities as evaluated by the PCU, taking into account inputs from relevant stakeholders including the relevant implementing agencies

    • Education: University degree
    Valid Till
    9 Nov, 2020

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