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29 November, 2020
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Consultancy (Documentary Film Producer)

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PPAG is the leading non-governmental organization working in the field of sexual and reproductive health to advance the rights of people, including young people and ensure access to and utilization of sexual and reproductive health information and services to improve their health status. PPAG was established in 1957 and has since implemented several programmes in Ghana to promote sexual and reproductive health of men, women, young people and families. PPAG works in all regions of Ghana with different projects being implemented in different communities and districts. The Association also operates with some 11 clinics and Young & Wise centers as well as through several franchise holders who serve as platforms to expand coverage and increase access to sexual and reproductive health services by our potential clients.

Request for Proposals from Consultants Assignment: Documentary Film Producer – GUSO Programme Photo and Video Documentary 

  • Consultancy duration: 9th – 21st December, 2020
  • Reporting to: Youth Programmes Coordinator
  •   Background to the ConsultancyFollowing the lessons from ASK project, the GUSO Project started in 2016 with an overall objective of ensuring that all young people, especially girls and young women, are empowered to realize their SRHR in societies that are positive towards young people’s sexuality. After almost five (5) years of implementation, the GUSO Programmes will officially end in December 2020. Regardless of the several challenges faced during the implementation, our unique added value has been our ability to address the multitude of factors and engage all actors to positively influence young people’s SRHR. Using our individual and joint (alliance) expertise, we have successfully provided accurate sexuality education and information to young people, improved the quality of Youth Friendly SRH service delivery and secured support for youth SRHR, by addressing socio-cultural and political barriers in terms of practices, norms and policies. Over the past five (5) years, there has been numerous success stories, lessons learnt and community acceptance for SRHR through the GUSU program. It is therefore important that all the approaches adopted, processes, lesson learnt, success stories and obstacles are documented for continuous use by PPAG and other organizations working in the SRHR sector. Purpose of the AssignmentThe purpose of this video documentation process is to lay a foundation for partners and actors under the GUSO project to effectively establish traceability concerning what, how, who and when the various component of the program were delivered. Beyond the statistics, this process seeks to help establish qualitatively the impact of the GUSO program in the lives of the project team, community members and leaders, and young people. It is to tell the PPAG GUSO implementation and success stories to inform others and provide bases for advocacy and resource mobilization for similar actions in the future. Target AudienceOnce produced, the documentary film will target the Ghanaian public and international partners on what PPAG has achieved through the GUSO programme, why it is important and how it benefits the communities in which the programme was implemented. Specifically, the following audiences are targeted with this video and phot0 documentary;
  • The public, with a focus on citizens of Ghana
  • Partners/stakeholders such as District Assembly officials, (Education, Health, Youth Authority etc.), Parliament of Ghana, Civil Society Organisations,
  • Development partners including donors and potential funders
  • Potential funders for fundraising purposes
  • Young people
  • International conference organizers and participants.
  • Scope of work
  • Createevidence and document results with particular emphasis on the lessons
  • Capture the reflections of some selected beneficiaries to produce a video documentary.
  • Use storytelling techniques to engage with the public and explain the impact of the GUSO programme on young people, communities, parents, stakeholders etc.
  • Travel to various project locations in Northern and Upper East (Tamale and Bolga respectively).
  • Conductinterviews with selected stakeholders (Alliance partners,eneficiaries, field officers, district assembly officials etc)
  • TasksTask 1: Video Documentary Film
  • Develop the documentary script and treatment to be used for the film.
  • Visit selected project sites and interact with the local communities/beneficiaries who have been impacted by the projects to get context.
  • Interview selected stakeholders/participants for the film who will include project beneficiaries, relevant duty bearers and selected PPAG Staff
  • Coordinate filming and interviews.
  • Submit first cut of the documentary (15 minutes) for comments by PPAG
  • Submit first cut of promo version of 3 minutes for comments by PPAG
  • Final versions ofall videos with appropriate subtitles (English as required), background commentary and music/tunes.
  • Task 2: PhotographsA photo album covering the GUSO programme highlighting specifics of the different activities and events undertaken under the programme Deliverables
  • Methodology, workplanand agreed budget by the Consultant to produce the documentary
  • Submit a treatment and script for the documentary to PPAG for approval before filming;
  • 3 minutes documentary on each of the 4 strategies
  • Final 15 minutes documentary film in broadcast quality shared via cloud, CD and on hard drives
  • Final high Resolution(1920 X 1080 P) files and H264 1mbit Web streaming files of videos
  • High-quality and high-resolution photos, edited and captioned.
  • Principles of implementation
  • Ensure deliveryof all the end products that meet the deadlines as specified/ agreed
  • Ensure deliveryof all footage obtained for production to PPAG and retains full copyright of all footage filmed.
  • Ensure pre-production video andpost production at the highest quality
  • Ensure highest broadcast qualityproduction and filming
  • Ensurethat all requests and instructions received from PPAG, pertaining to the type of production that is required are fulfilled.
  • Workwith the highest professional ethical standards including safeguarding.
  • Sign the PPAG Child and Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy, together with every member of the production team
  • Ensurethat the technical requirements as stated below are followed
  • All videos are anticipated to cover the brand visibility of PPAG
  • Ensure all subjects of videos and photographs have appropriate signed the consent forms authorizing usage of their images and footage.
  • Logistics/Mobilisation
  • PPAG will provide relevant documents and reports, and methodological supports to the service provider when required.
  • PPAG will be responsible for the cost of travels,  accommodation and meals for field trips
  • Payment Schedule
  • Atthe beginning of assignment, 60% of total amount of the assignment will paid as advance payment
  • Aftercompleting the deliverables of the assignment, the remaining 40% of total amount will be pai
  • All statutory deductions such as withholding task, VAT etc., will apply asper government of Ghana rules and regulations.
  • OwnershipThe edited documentary film as well as all footages filmed for this assignment is the sole property of PPAG. Any data, information, documents and other materials related to the project shall remain the property of PPAG, must be transferred upon completion of the assignment and shall be kept confidential by the Filmmaker. S/he is not allowed to transfer, publish or divulge any information including the project findings to any other person or organisation without prior approval of PPAG unless it is necessary by the laws of the Republic of Ghana. The Filmmaker is not allowed to assign, sub-contract, delegate or otherwise transfer or dispose of any of its rights or obligation under this agreement. PPAG shall have the intellectual property rights to all products of the assignment and provide appropriate credit to Filmmaker where necessary. Inputs/TimelinesIt is expected that the Consultant will carry out the assignment between December 9th – 21st.  Inputs allowed for the assignment are: Support from PPAGYouth Programmes Coordinator as the key contact person for this assignment and support from other PPAG team members as and when necessary as follows:
  • Executive Director, PPAG for strategic oversight
  • Support form the Director of Programmes and Service Delivery
  • Key Documents/Footages

  • Selected photos and relevant reports or sections of reports of selected Partners.
  • PPAG GUSO programme reports.
  • List of selected partners, beneficiaries and why
  • All Proposals must be accompanied with samples of recent relevant works done as it relates to this assignment.
  • Documentation Plan

    • Technical requirements
    • Minimum broadcastquality: full HD video, 1920 x1080p, 50FPS
    • HD web files (H264MOV.) as final products (Max size 2gig)
    • Professional soundrecording at minimum of 96 kHz/24-bit
    • Minimum Canon 5D orequivalent camera an advantage
    • Photographsof 20 Mega Pixel or better
    • Education: Qualified
    Valid Till
    4 Dec, 2020

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