Job vacancy Agricultural Extension Officer

59 Okodan St, Blue Gate district, Osu, Accra near Papaye, Accra
  +233 0302 760143, +233 24 3925110

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Job Type
Job Status
Full Time
22 January, 2021
Job Title

Agricultural Extension Officer

Job Presentation

  • Support implementation of Company agricultural production strategy and portfolio of projects in accordance with policies, guidelines and agreements
  • Assist in developing policies and procedures, monitoring and control of production functions and processes
  • Analyze and refine knowledge on competitive, commercial and sustainable production schemes
  • Catalogue constraints and needs, establish a database of institutions, major actors, technologies and processes required to catalyze expansion of nucleus, RVBC and VPO production units
  • Assess distribution and severity of new/emerging biotic and abiotic stresses, develop management options and promote application of IPM systems
  • Introduce, develop, integrate and promote innovative technologies and processes that increase competitiveness in response to priority market opportunities and chains
  • Increase productivity through introduction, development and deployment of genotypes/varieties with high yields and pest and disease resistance that meet industry requirements for specific product markets
  • Enhance access to planting material offering high productivity gains and valued quality traits for select chains through planting material certification system, multiplication, deployment and distribution schemes
  • Develop holistic early warning systems/strategies to mitigate constraints to production
  • Develop and integrate commercially proven crop, soil and pest management practices and technologies that increase water and nutrient use efficiency to enhance competitiveness of production systems
  • Introduce and promote appropriate equipment and services in response to priority opportunities
  • Build human resources to strengthen institutional capacity for competitive, commercial production with required quality and functional characteristics
  • Support communities/households to enhance household food and income security systems
  • Mainstream resource limited farmers into competitive production schemes through capacity building and improved organizational arrangements
  • Identify and organize a production chain structure to competitively produce and ensure availability of raw materials from nucleus, RBC and PO production units
  • Assess demand, availability, distribution, access and affordability of agrochemicals, mechanization and water management services, develop user friendly, low risk packages and disseminate extension messages to improve productivity
  • Develop mechanisms to strengthen RVBCs to serve as community input supply dealers/agents
  • Promote adoption of improved, competitively productive and profitable production technologies by RVBCs/VPOs to Increase incomes and improve livelihoods in rural areas
  • Contribute to market information acquisition and dissemination systems for increased commercialization
  • Develop knowledge and update information on target ecologies, production systems and diversity of genetic resources
  • Develop, test and implement effective, commercially viable and environmentally safe plant protection technologies which reduce losses and enhance productivity
  • Develop, produce, and disseminate training and extension support materials with attention on safe use of inputs (fertilizers, CPPs)
  • Requirements
    • A minimum of BSc Agriculture
    • Should have a minimum of 3 years experience in field and Green house Agriculture
    • Should have the ability to manage a team of 12 casuals
    • Education: BA/BSc
    Valid Till
    20 Feb, 2021

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