Job vacancy Technical Officer, Car4Cash

59 Okodan St, Blue Gate district, Osu, Accra near Papaye, Accra
  +233 0302 760143, +233 24 3925110

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Job Type
Job Status
Full Time
23 January, 2021
Job Title

Technical Officer, Car4Cash

Job Presentation

  • Branch: Accra and Kumasi
  • Start date: Immediately.
  • Expiry date for applications: 1st February, 2021 (Close of business)
  • Working hours: Daily 8h00 till 17h00 or as required to fulfill one’s responsibilities.
  •  DescriptionThe Technical Officer for the Car4Cash product has the following key responsibilities: Vehicle Inspection
  • Responsible for inspecting collateral vehicles to confirm their suitability.
  • Must ensure vehicle inspection includes all the following:
  • Comparing vehicle description and particulars on ownership documents to the physical exhibit provided
  • Chassis number on vehicle document matches chassis number on the body of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle Make and model on the vehicle document match those on the vehicle. o Vehicle registration number on vehicle document matches the one affixed to the vehicle.
  • Must record actual physical condition of the car; interior, paintwork and general condition of the engine.
  • Vehicle Valuation
  • Responsible for the determining the market & forced sale values of every collateral vehicle.
  • Must ensure valuation is done using templates and guidelines provided. This is to ensure standardization, transparency, and fairness.
  • Change of Ownership
  • Responsible for liaising with contacts at the DVLA to effect change of vehicle ownership from borrowers before loan disbursement.
  • Responsible for liaising with contacts at the DVLA to effect change of vehicle ownership back to borrowers after loan accounts have been settled
  • Installation of GPS Tracking Devices
  • Responsible for organizing and supervising the installation of tracking devices on every collateral vehicle before loan disbursement.
  • Must receive confirmation that tracking devices are working from service provider, before signing off the required documentation filled by the service provider’s technician.
  • Responsible for organizing and supervising the removal of tracking devices from collateral vehicles after loan settlement.
  • Requirements
    • Education: Bachelor’s / HND
    Valid Till
    1 Feb, 2021

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