Nofire Intumescent Fire Retardant Paint

NoFire Paint is an intumescent fire Retardant Paint which stops fire. In response to high heat or fire, it forms a highly insulating non-combustible barrier providing protection against fire and heat at temperatures in excess of 20000 F (1093ºC). It localizes the fire, prevents it from spreading and starves it to death.

It is effective, economical and easy to apply to most common materials such as wood and wood products, gypsum wallboard, concrete, walls, steel and other metals and many types of plastic and composites.

NoFire is patented in the United States and in nearly 50 industrialized countries. NoFire complies with the most severe performance requirements for applications in residential, commercial, military, maritime, and industrial environments.

The NoFire coating can be best explained in one line. “NoFire does everything that ordinary paint does... except burn!”

When coating a home, office, commercial building or industrial installations with NoFire, you are not only providing an attractive appearance... you are also helping to protect the facility and its occupants from the devastation of the spread of fire.

This brief outline is not an attempt to tell you how to paint a facility. Rather it is an attempt to make you aware and to advise you of the difference in priorities, subtleties and responsibilities when applying NoFire Fire Retardant Coatings as compared to regular paint.

NoFire is identical in appearance to ordinary paint, it is easily applied by brush, roller or spray and no special preparation of surface or protection is required. It is easy to cleanup with soap and water.

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