Nofire S-Barrier Textile Wrapping Systems

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to provide 2 or 3 hour protection to structural steel? Consider NoFire SBarrier, a fiberglass-based wrapping system, treated with NoFire that significantly reduces labor time and expense, lasts indefinitely and is UL 723 approved performing to ASTM E119 standards..

Nofire S-Barrier is a new, patented (US patent #6,074,714), UL approved, low cost, dry, easy to install and environmentally safe fire protection system for structural steel.
S-Barrier is a wrap system that installs using simple wrap-and-tie techniques. It can be installed in a fraction of the time of spray-on systems and requires very little space and access. It can be installed on columns adjacent to walls.
S-Barrier can be installed over any type of column, including steel, concrete and brick, and can be installed over old, worn out, or delaminated fire proofing without requiring expensive removal.
S-Barrier can be overcoated with decorative paint or wall covering materials to provide a decorative appearance for exposed applications.

S-Barrier has numerous advantages in comparison to conventional structural steel fireproofing including:
• No steel priming or special steel preparation required • No spraying • No hazardous materials • No toxic gases, vapors or odors • No fibrous materials • No evacuation of work area required during application • No cracking or delamination over time with building movements and vibration • No degradation of performance over time • Completely dry application • Can be used in clean rooms, hospitals, and schools • Can be installed on all types of columns, including steel concrete or brick • Can be installed over old, delaminated, worn out fire proofing without requiring expensive removal • Durable and impact resistant • Available for 1, 2, 3, and 4-hour applications • Optional top coating for exterior applications

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