AirBus Authorized Re-sellers of Satellite Imagery

Pléiades Satellite Imagery

50cm resolution products
20km swath
Standard (automatic), Tailored and premium
12 bits dynamic range for high detection capabilities
Online tasking, purchasing and delivery


SPOT Satellite Imagery

1.5m or 6m colour resolution products
Orthorectified product as a standard
Online tasking, purchasing an delivery


TerraSAR-X / TanDEM-X Satellite Imagery

Staring SpotLight
Down to 25cm spatial resolution
@ 4 x 3.7km or 2.5 x 7.5km

High Resolution SpotLight
Up to 1m spatial resolution
@ 5 to 10km swath width

Up to 2m spatial resolution
@ 10km swath width

Up to 3m spatial resolution
@ 30km swath width

18.5m spatial resolution
@ 100km swath width

Wide ScanSAR
40m spatial resolution
@ up to 270 x 200km (length up to 1,500km)

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