Freezing microtome YD-335III

YD-335III is comprised of the disposal machine - YD-335 and Fast Freezing system . the Fast Freezing System is adopted high-powered semiconductor freezing theory ,nanometer material and intelligent liquid crystal display .it have the function of showing the preset temperature ,current temperature ,automatic thermostatic control system , alarming system , automatic store and automatic defrost .This type of microtome is used to both fast freezing section and regular paraffin section. It is a ideal products for histology and clinical pathology.

Technical Data
1) Slice thickness range: 1 - 100um
Setting values : from 0-10 um in 1 um –increments
Form 10-20um in 2um-increments
Form 20-50 um in 5um-increments
Form 50-100um in 10 um-increments
2) Trimming section range :0-500um
Setting value : from 0-500 um in 1um-increments
3) Horizontal specimen stroke :28 mm
4) Vertical specimen stroke : 60mm
5) Specimen retraction : 12um
6) Lowest slice adjusting graduation: 1um
7) Tissue slice adjusting graduation: 1um
8) Slip precision: ± 5%
9) Maximal slice section: 50 ×45mm
10)The angle between cyroplate and cyroscalpel is 45°which made the tissue attached to the slice easily.
11) LCD display show the temperature of cyroplate and cyroscalpel simultaneity
12)maximum difference in temperature of cyroplate ≥60℃
13)maximum difference in temperature of cyroscalpel≥50℃
14)automatic recovery of refrigeration working state after defrost
15)After automatic defrost , it takes 4-8 minutes to reach setting temperature

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