Content Rewording

Price: ¢250
Are you thinking of how to earn money as you work remotely from wherever you are? It's certain you wouldn't want to do a heavy job, right? That's true. It's good you're seeing this since the Ant Services has opened application for people interested in article rewording. You wouldn't have to write articles but instead do a rewording of the articles you're given. Would you have to write again? No please! You'll be given an online software which requires no installation. This software will help you with the rewording which will take a maximum of ten (10) minutes. Want to apply? The form cost ¢20 just to cut down the number of application but we're giving a 100% discount for 2 weeks after which you'll have to pay for the form. So, if interested, why not apply now and avoid the cost? The choice is yours. This offer is valid before 25th August, 2020.
°There will be a fixed monthly payment of ¢250 ($43) via MTN Mobile Money and PayPal only.
°You will be required to reword 10 articles a day. On average, rewording an article with our recommended software takes (5-10 minutes).

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