7 Days Northern Ghana Safari Tour

Day 1: Accra - Tamale
Upon arrival, have a city tour of Tamale; visit the Tamale central market, the central mosque and the leather processing site.
Day 2: Tamale - Tongo - Bolgatanga
You will depart to Tongo to visit the shrine which is believed to give people good fortune and power. You will view the unique architecture of the region, the dramatic granite rock formations, and natural caves. Also visit the Bolgatanga local market for further interaction with the people.
Day 3: Bolgatanga - Sirigu - Paga - Bolgatanga
You will drive straight on the 34km road to Sirigu. Sirigu is known throughout Ghanaian history for its pottery, basket weaving and unique symbolic wall decorations. You will get a guided tour of traditional homes belonging to members of Sirigu Women Organisation for Pottery and Art (SWOPA). You will also have the opportunity to meet with (SWOPA) women at the gallery. After Sirigu, you depart to Paga, where crocodiles are part of the daily living of the people.
Day 4: Bolga - Mole National Park
You depart after breakfast to Mole National park. Do the drive safari and you will see elephants, baboons, buffaloes, warthogs and the over 316 species of birds in the park.
Day 5: Mole National Park - Mognori Eco-village
You depart around 8:00am driving about 10 minutes to Mognori Eco Village for a 2 hour village guided walk and 2 hours canoe safari. Drive back to larabanga and do a tour of the ancient mosque.
Day 6: Mole to Wechiau-mole
Wachiau Community Hippo Sanctuary is arguably one of the best wildlife sites in Ghana. While at the Sanctuary, you will visit the Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary where a white huge skull of a hippopotamus
Day 7: Mole - Tamale
Early in the morning at 7:00 am, you will take a 2 hour walking safari. Have breakfast and then depart from mole national park to Tamale.

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