Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management

 Save up to 35% on fuel and maintenance cost
Real Time Live positioning of vehicles on the map
 Departmental Cost Centre Reporting
 Servicing, Insurance, Road worthy, Driver license renewal and Registration reminders
 Route Planner & Optimizer. Plan the most efficient route. Find nearest vehicle
 Ignition ON/OFF status report.
 Unlimited usernames and logins. User level definition.
 Flexibility to build own reports & graphs
 Tamper proof enclosures for devices and wiring.
 Track current location, speed, vehicle data & diagnostics
 Driving behaviour (Eco-driving)
 Live alerts and notifications (e-mail / SMS / in-system)
 Creating and managing Geo-fence and setup associated alerts
 Multiple maps views (Satellite View, Street view, etc)
 Historical route, stop times & location, landmark visits
 Track playback of vehicle movement and data.
 GPS dashboards - Items like event locations (fueling, SOS panic, door/seatbelt on/off, temperature, harsh break, over speed, towing, engine on/off, etc.)

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