Lokhanda Women Empowered Program (LWEP™)

Price: Gh¢1,500.00
Lokhanda Women Empowered Program (LWEP™) is a feminist self-defense program aimed to replace the fear of women and girls with skills, knowledge and confidence to prevent abuse, sexual assault and violence.

The training program coupled with basic first aid and CPR training skills teaches personal safety, physical and critical thinking skills necessary to effectively recognize, prevent or survive threats, intimidating or violent situations such as harassment, sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape, stalking, sexual exploitation, relationship or domestic violence. The program aims to prepare and inspire women to avoid being paranoid in a fun and positive way while increasing their sense of personal power.

Course Module:
1. Setting and enforcing healthy boundaries
2. Assertiveness and De-escalation skills
3. Effective targets and maximum Striking Power
4. Abuse, Sexual Assault and Dating / Domestic Violence Prevention Skills
5. Personal Safety and physical Self-defense Skills
6. Getting Support, Healing and Recovery
7. Basic first aid + CPR

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