Learning & Development

Great products and services are made and delivered by great teams. Working in a successful and happy team is extremely satisfying. The cooperative atmosphere, the ease of achieving big results and the sense of significance of belonging to a successful team is very appealing. Working as part of such optimal teams is the dream of any individual and organisation.

Nyansa Africa focuses on transforming a group of people to a team of motivated individuals who work smoothly towards a common goal. Delegates are introduced to the concept of Team Roles and explore different ways of recognising and establishing their roles within the team. This knowledge enables team workers to manage their roles and responsibilities in the team and avoid gaps or overlaps in roles.

Nyansa Africa has a strong on-going commitment to the concepts of ‘continuing professional education’ and ‘lifelong learning’. In conjunction with our internationally experienced team of facilitators we have developed a comprehensive range of short specialist courses and are continually adding new courses to our portfolio.

These specialist courses are ideally suited for:
* Busy Executives needing to keep pace with employer expectations, industry changes, and global competitive dynamics
* Individuals wanting to acquire new skills with the aim of opening up new doors and broadening their career opportunities
* Corporations that recognise the value of on-going staff education and development in maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s constantly changing environment

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