Lokhanda Corporate Self Defense

Price: GH¢ 2,000.00
Lokhanda Corporate Self Defense is a reality based self-defense program coupled with basic first-aid skills for employees and managers to prevent or survive violence and emergencies at or outside the workplace.

Our Corporate hands on training program provides employees and managers the opportunity to learn and to accurately recognize, assess and mitigate threats conveyed in almost any manner; verbal, physical, written or symbolic to reduce risk through proactive preventative action. The training program involves all workers including teachers, supervisors, staffs and managers or executives ranging from social services, non-profit, government, health, mental health, law and others.

Providing effective self protection skills is not only a practical and common sense necessity in the corporate world but also an important component in helping to ensure the long term profitability of businesses as well as making your employees feel more confident, secure and valued. In many cases the onset of violence or emergencies are sudden and seemingly unpredictable and thus makes workers ignore, miss or misinterpret impending signs of violence which could sometimes result in tragic results.

Course Module:
1. Setting and enforcing boundaries
2. Assertiveness and De-escalation skills
3. Stalking and Harassment prevention skills
4. Date Rape, Sexual assault and Violence prevention skills
5. Physical Self-defense Skills
6. Getting Support, Healing and Recovery
7. Basic first aid + CPR training

The program provides the following benefits:
1. Help raise the overall safety and health knowledge across the workforce

2. Provide employees with life-long and life-saving skill as tools needed to identify workplace safety and security hazards

3. Address potential problems before they arise and ultimately reduce the likelihood of workers being assaulted, harassed or stalked

4. Employ communication and teamwork skills to prevent and manage violence and emergencies

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