Review of Vodafone Ghana Head Office (App Download)

Review of Vodafone Ghana Head Office (App Download)
Since commencing with the 200Ghc service about 3 months ago giving us 200 gig downloads per month we have found it impossible to use little more than 100gig per month because either we cannot connect to the internet or it is that slow the downloads fail usually more often than not.

The people at Vodafone try to help, are courteous and the technicians who come out do their utmost to assist but no one seems to be able to get the internet working anywhere near the level that we pay for. The latest situation is that we had a fault report open and was assured someone would deal with it only to find it had been closed saying the problem had been resolved within 24 hours of it being opened, even though we said to vodafone that it would be closed and asked them to open another fault report. That was last Saturday. On Monday we found the fault report had been closed so we opened another, no one came to fix the connection problems but again we were texted saying that the problem had been resolved and the fault report closed. This was on Wednesday. We phoned again and were told it is normal to wait for 5 days for assistance. On top of this we have spent about 60Ghc this month on buying credit for the USB connection so that we can have internet access.

Vodafone your people try to help but you take our money and consistently fail to provide anywhere near the service you offer, shame, shame, shame, disgusting!
Dear Sir,

May this letter meet you and your entire family in good health, my Names are Obed Coffie Kwabena from Nsawam Eastern Region of Accra Ghana. I am 17 years old of age a student of ANSON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, whose dream is to becoming a lawyer some day to serve humanity, in our great Father Land, if I am not financially constraints, because by the grace of God Almighty, I am intelligent and brilliant enough to really achieving my dream carrier God helping me.

Sir, I came across your Vodafone Scholarship Scheme Publication on the internet May 19, 2017, and was moved by the amazing Testimonies of benefactors of the Scheme, and was wondering if I could be fortunate enough to be considered for a Scholarship in your reputable Organization, because I am born to a single parent, my mother Mrs. Gifty Arthur who had single handedly fed for us, three brother since we were kids, I am the Eldest Son, who doesn't even know what the future hold for me, with out help from God sent like you.

Sir, I do realized, I have no one to recommend me to your Organization for a Scholarship to study, but I have sincerely hoped God will use you to help a commoner like me, to achieve my dream purpose in life, so I don't end up a drop out like many of my brothers on the streets.

Thanks and God bless you and your Family. I await in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely

Obed Kwabena

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