Review of Blackpixels Gh

Review of Blackpixels Gh
Hi Kobby, I don't want you to think that i'm in anyway angry with you...But i want to tell you something.I know that my wife took these photos for me. to spice up our marriage a bit.But when i
opened the photo album my heart sank. These pictures...they are beautiful and you are obviously a very talented designer... but they don't show my wife.You have removed her "flaws"... and i know that she asked you to do exactly that. But it has taken away all the things that represent our life. When you removed her pregnancy stetch marks, you took away the proof of having birthed our children.when you removed her wrinkles, you've deleted 2 decades of our laughterand our worries.

I'm actually just writing to thank you. These photos have made it clear to me that i really don't tell my wife often enough how much i love and adore her, just the way she is.She hears it so rerely that she actually thinks that i want her to look like she does in these pictures. I will improve myself and for the rest of my life i will love and honor her with all of her apparent flaws. THANKS FOR REMINDING ME.

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