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Review of Eddy's Pizza
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A very dissatisfied customer/poor customer service -Lartebiokoshie
I called Eddy's pizza this morning after browsing the website after my unsuccessful attempt to order online by your online support. I ask a simple question and the feedback I kept getting was 'how may I help you?' and 'what would u like to order' when my enquiry about the branch was ignored. One lady at Ringroad gives me the number to the Dansoman branch to place my order. Dansoman branch tells me 'delivery services is unavailable' to my surprise when the website clearly states otherwise. Now I fall back on Ringroad again and lady who answers tells me 'we're not the branch that delivers to your location, call Dansoman' adding that they only deliver to closer locations like Osu, Labadi. Now let's put the delivery aside. I think u may want to consider the below it will give u a fair idea of reasons behind my rating;

1. Customer service(online & phone)- not customer-centric (
2. Ringroad rep did not offer assistance or options (kept repeating her branch did not deliver to my location) Did not sound upbeat and gave dead air when asked what other options were.
3. No one acknowledged my discomfort (it felt like I was being told that's what it is, now could u kindly hang up)
4. After all this, I was the one saying 'thank you' before ending my call.
I did not get SERVICE and my little weekend party ruined.
Dear Vivi,

On behalf of the management of Eddys Pizza, I want apologize for experience you received from our call center. We appreciate your feedback, as it helps us identify deficiencies in our service delivery and enables us take corrective actions to ensure that we always provide the level of service that customers deserve and expect.

I assure you that we will look into your issue and make sure that the incident is not repeated with other customers who contact our call center. Thank you for your continued patronage.


Eddys Pizza

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