Review fraud!!!!! save your money!!


fraud!!!!! save your money!!
Sonic recruitment is a fraud,you wont get the job and they wont give you a refund like they said!!! ive been asked severally to produce the date on my receipt for a job that i applied for and didnt get . ive sent it multiple times and yet no refund. ive called the boss over and ovrr and now he doesnt even answer my calls. the secretary also doesnt my calls
Thank you maame, I will take little of my time to answer this review of which I don’t normally have time for that.Maame,you remember you called me and I told you that I have instructed my secretary to resolved the issues with you because I was having meeting. According to my secretary you called her and she ask you to come on Friday 19 /03/21 after 12.00 noon with your receipt and collect your refund since you have not attended mayor interview and you told her to send you the money through MOMO.Without doubt, my secretary told you that she must also collect our receipt to prove that she has actually refunded you the money and you told her if doesn’t send you the money you will take Sonic Recruitment to court, So am patiently waiting for your summons letter. If you referee to my website i. e ,I have state it clearly in my terms and conditions that I don’t refund through MOMO unless you present your receipt to the office and you knew it before coming to my office for registration. If you think you can tell lies to the who world just spoil my business then you are rather inviting curses to yourself. If don’t retract your review and apologize on this same platform God will punish you severely. You will never see happiness for the rest of your life. I WANT TO ASK YOU JUST A QUESTION.MAAME, DID YOU PRESENTED YOUR RECEIPT TO MY OFFICE ON 19/03/21?CHOOSE ONE (Yes or No)
i will reply you too. i did inform your assistant that i was not in Accra after she had insulted and rudely hang the caall on me. and i called back several times and there was no answer. she told me to call you and you told me to call her and equally hanged up on me. i wont take the time to write this review if i felt i was treated fairly. you both kept tossing me to call each other when you could have solved the problem in under one minute. just a simple refund, me an unemployed person should come to Accra and get. are you being fair to me?????? God should punish me??? pleaste tell that to your secretary who rudely spoke to me and you the boss did nothing about! At least speakt o me and hear me out. How many days did it take to reach you?? how many?? youre asking God to punish me??? it will not work da!!!! after leaving my faaaaar place all the way to locate your office at such a long distance, this is how ive been treated and youre saying God ounish me. Ask your secretary if i did not make an enquiry and ask all the necessary questions when i came to the interview. ask her!!ask her!! And ask her what responses she gave me !if she will be truthful. its hard out here for people like me and we're trying to make a living and this is what you do!! the least you could have done was hear me out! please keep the money! keep it ! it will cost me a lot more to leave here and come for it.

the least you could have,least was give me a listening ear
you hang up ill call back hang up ill call back
and you think you were being fair to me. please keep the money. It is you God will deal with not me.
ask her that fair lady in your office ask her if i didnt not enquire about all these knowing very well where i was coming from. the time i woke up to show up on time only for her to act like she had never heard what "suppry chains" like she put it, was. Ask her!!!! also check your logs how often i called. you always give me an excuse, meeting,busy,too many people. and yet she is able to identify that im the only calling to tell me to stop calling!! posterity will judge us all. if i was your child this is what you will do
It’s your secretary God will deal with!!!! Mercilessly! That little liar 9pf a human being!
After months I’ve gotten a job
I do appreciate Mr Dompreh who took the time to address the issue with his secretary and me.

I appreciate his efforts to get me a job aside the banter with his staff which hurt me dearly.
Thank you
After I got job for Maame Akua as Manager in charge of Operations and Supply Chain,it took her over three weeks before updating the General public .You can see how patient I am. I will rest the matter and pray that she succeed in this new appointment.

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