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Honest Customer Service
Honest customer services. They were frank and honest about my chances of admissions and scholarships. Integrity is at the heart of their customer service and though people may not like to be told the truth, it became evident to me on my visit to their office that the truth is important to them in their relations with customers.
My experience for a few minutes on a Monday Happy Morning turned upside by them

I called those Timeline Trust.
He picked up and we exchanged pleasantries.
I enquired further on the gre books and he said “both hard copy and softcopy books are given”
I added by saying “I am Kumasi” and his reply was “ whether you are on the moon or space , as far as there’s internet access, you are good to go”. I giggled and said, then I will get back to you, thank you.
His unfortunate and unprofessional reply was, “don’t call if you are not serious “. I was stunned but couldn’t help but say, he was being harsh, rude and unprofessional.
But his unexplained anger resulted with him saying, stupid and foolish people ohh and non serious people call all the time.
And I further said, “that doesn’t still warrant you to speak in that manner. That’s bad customer service “.
And he burst out with a whole lot
If I wasn’t foolish, I wouldn’t have been offended. Do I am stupid, foolish, very stupid and foolish.
Like I was perplexed that I froze.
He continued by saying “ common degree holder , you can’t write gre and pass. ( meanwhile is my first time and I want to do it once and for all that’s why I am searching for tutors). That aside.
Is not my coins that they looking for. They want to help but not to help foolish and stupid people like me.
Wait oo. Why am I still on the line. I should get off.

And I ended by saying, “Jesus!!” With him replying why should I say that but I didn’t reply but rather I said “”may God forgive him”.
Signed:: the almost Stupid, Foolish, Very Foolish and Stupid Client of Timeline Trust

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