The List of Artificial Intelligence in Ghana

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We found 15 companies


No. 6 Pawpaw St, Accra, Accra
COLDSIS is an IT firm that specializes in streamlining processes, creating pioneering software applications, and providing consulting services to tackle both commercial challenges and societal issues ...

Health Direct Global

Airport Rd, Accra, Accra
Health Direct Global offers an innovative solution to the challenges of accessing healthcare services in modern society. Utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and biometric-based electro...


95 La-Bawaleshi Rd, Accra, Accra
Mazzuma is a global platform for transferring money and making mobile payments.

minoHealth AI Labs

MVVX+RJQ, Adenta Municipality, Accra
MinoHealth AI Labs is a groundbreaking Accra-based startup that is revolutionizing healthcare through the use of AI. We specialize in automating medical diagnosis, prognosis, and forecasts for an arra...

Chestify AI

Kumasi, Kumasi
Chestify AI is an AI-powered platform that utilizes a precise algorithm to detect chest X-Ray pathologies with great accuracy.

Yemaachi Biotechnology

222 Swaniker St, Accra, Accra
Yemaachi Biotechnology employs state-of-the-art immunogenomics, bioinformatics, and artificial intelligence to expedite the advancement of cancer detection and treatment methods for reducing the finan...


Greater Accra, Accra
Eazyloop is an AI-driven procurement platform that provides small businesses in retail and hospitality with access to credit facilities. Through our collaborations with manufacturers, wholesalers, and...


Greater Accra, Accra
Diagnosify is an innovative AI-powered startup that applies artificial intelligence to diagnose skin conditions, determine the name of the condition, calculate its severity, and direct patients to the...

eCampus LLC

Greater Accra, Accra
eCampus is leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize assessment, evaluation, and reporting on teaching and learning outcomes. This helps to identify the readiness of learners for exams, job ...


Greater Accra, Accra
Kabakaba is the ultimate app for Ghanaians!


Greater Accra, Accra
Triva is a revolutionary robo-financial platform designed to make it easier and more fun for millennials to manage their finances. Our goal-based web platform allows users to set financial goals and s...

Inclusive Innovations

Greater Accra, Accra
Inclusive enables businesses to utilize machine learning to gather, assess, and convert video and image data into useful datasets that can be put into action.


Greater Accra, Accra
Nokwary is a software company that specializes in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. They create intelligent chatbots for WhatsApp, rather than the more traditional "USSD" style bots.