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Affordable Prices
RICO Solutions has a great pricing policy which make it possible for SMEs like us to also be able to buy services that "Giant Firms" are using.
Thank you team RICO for being our backbone.
Excellent Customer Service
The nature of our business demands accuracy in delivery, we are into education.
We can sometimes be over demanding when it comes to our service providers.
RICO Solutions' customer service has been able to handle our pressure and give us assurances that meet our expectation.
The guys are highly professional and knowledgeable.
Total Security System
When we were setting up an office in Ghana, we needed security systems that are properly coordinated but the challenge was getting a single vendor that had vested knowledge in CCTV, Radio, Access Management, Motion Sensing, Vehicle Tracking, Parameter alarm, Office automation, etc.
RICO came to our rescue, the guys are highly professional and they advised us on the best practices. I must admit, our security systems around here is very robust, thanks to Team RICO.
Warranty Assured.
Their video & telephone equipment come with a good OEM warranty which gives us the comfort to work with them.
Thanks for the timely support.
The dedicated internet solution offered by RICO Solutions is really reliable with a good support system in place. We got ours through Fibre for our headOffice and Radio for our branches and we are always connected.
I will recommend them anyday to anyone who needs serious internet for business.
These guys do a job with solving IT problems. We have a fish pond in the outskirts and needed a monitoring solution that will require that they don't run cables over the water. We spoke to them and they designed a solution for us, they combined solar, motion sensing and ubiquity technologies to solve our problem. Smart guys !
We provide healthcare in Accra. We needed a solution that can merge our Background Music with our Intercom for emergency reasons. RICO Solutions did the job for us with promptness and accuracy.
Their support systems make it easy for us to rely on them.
We appreciate your efforts.

We are a financial service provider with offices all across the country. Our biggest challenge was bringing all management members together for a meeting at the HeadOffice etc each month.
RICO Solutions contacted us about their Video Conferencing solutions and I am proud to say today that we are able to hold meetings any day via the VC because they are highly reliable. Our customers are happier because they get better engaged.
Our success as a business is evident of our expansion through their support.
David, we are glad to be an essential part of your business success. Our services are custom made to solve specific customer problems.
I didnt know I could afford a call centre to attend to my customers needs in realtime.
I am just a small company but today I can also boast of a call center to take orders and deliver food to my customers.
RICO solution upgraded my old PABX to a state of the art call center.
Trust them !
Emefa, we are grateful for your kind words.
We give you solutions taking into considerations your customers' needs and your need to remain profitable over the longterm.
They cam to my aid when I was setting up my new office and gave me CCTV, PABX, and Access Controls. They were promt in delivery and I must say they are worth trying.
Kudos guys