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Great work!
It was great working with Eden Events for our fashion show, The Renaissance Show 2018. We needed a backdrop that fit the theme of our show by being eco-friendly and they provided just that. They made a backdrop with reused wood pallets and warm lights. It was a lovely and cost-effective design.

They also provided stage lights, which were beautiful but posed a major challenge to the event photographers. Also, they run late in setting up, therefore interfering with our final dress rehearsal. They were apologetic and assured us that these challenges would not happen again.

Overall they did a good job and were attentive to our preferences. We look forward to future collaborations with them.
Personally I have experience a good number of exquisite work done by Eden Events Ghana, with skilled professional who surprises clients with their request. I request Eden to anyone who wants a classy and unique decor for ever occasion inside and out of Accra. Trust me, Eden Events Ghana will deliver.
Reply by Eden Events Eden, 5 Mar, 2019
Thank you for taking time to write a review Ama, we look forward to planning and executing your life events.

Thank you
Great service
Their customer service is highly great
I needed a lot of things within a short period of time and they provided everything the following day.. i was speechless
Thank you.
I've been to their office and the customer service was superb but am yet looking forward to working with them in two months time to see their decor will be like

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